List Day

  • Gas is at $2.14 per gallon
  • Another discussion of what a stellar gamer you are, please shoot me now
  • There is a guy across the cube from me, now I feel like I'm being watched all the time
  • This song sucks, but I'm too lazy to hit next
  • Set up a crafting and tea event for next Saturday. Then I set myself a reminder so I don't forget
  • It smells like coffee over here
  • We're going to the DMV tomorrow, wish us luck
  • Reminder, bring the socks to work on because that will be a classic picture
  • Have a good evening. Tomorrow is Friday!!

1 comment:

Donna Lee said...

I filled my tank yesterday for 20.04. I had a bit under a quarter tank. This is dangerous. We'll all get used to these low prices and when they go back up (and we know they will), we'll feel cheated.