Current Projects

Mother's Moment

Sock Blanket

Peacock Feather's Shawl


On the list
Socks for me
Groom's Socks
River Banks

Finished Objects
2010 Finished Items
1Bag (Malard)
Dad's Toe Socks
Red Hat
Presto Chango
Mr White's Presto Chango

2009 Finished Items
Neo Mitts
Kommadant's Mitts
My Noro Socks
Dad's Buffalo Hat
Special Olympic Scarves
Hat for Jason's Mom
Mallard Sweater
Black Toed Buffalo Socks
IKL Socks
Navy Socks
Lupine Socks
1 Bag (2)
Dice Bag (x2)
Maze Sock
Vovayer Hat Red, Black, Green
Lace Gloves
XO Socks

2008 Finished Items
Cabled Hat
Grilltech's Shaker Sweater
Ripples on the Beach Socks
Navy Blue Socks
Baby Bird's Shaker Sweater
My Socks
Grilltech Socks
Girl's Hat
Ice Queen Modified (Close Up)
Black Solider's 

More Ankle Socks 
D's Buffalo Socks 
Dad's Mountain Man Hat 
Neopoliation Socks for Me

2007 Finished Items
Fish Mittens
Grilltech's Sweater
My Opal Socks
Cassie's Baby Set
Bookwyrm Sock
Strawberry Lemonade
Dad's Sweater
Blue Alberta Shawl
Shell Socks
Baby Shaker Sweater
Green Hat
Grilltech's Charcoal Socks
Purple/Teal Socks
Hugs and Kisses Socks
C's Socks
Hat for Jason's Wife
My Anniversary Socks
Broad Street for a Co-worker
Jamaican Spice Shawl

Non Pictured Items
Dad's Birthday Socks (2008)
5 Pairs of Stripper Gloves (2008)
Mountain Man Hat (2008)
Perky's Anklets (2008)
MIL's Bella Sweater (2008)
Ice Queen (2008)
Mr. Sota's Red Socks (2007)
Two Tone Mittens (2007)
My's Socks (2007)