List Day

  • Passed another kitty stand off
  • I counted seven cars at the bar
  • It was patchy fog while thinking about raining
  • Couldn't figure out why a jerk was tailgating a pickup when there was a whole road open
  • The jerk was a cop trying to make the pickup nervous
  • I need to complete four more squares for this set of 20 to be done
  • 20 more squares to go so I can meet my goal, think I can have it done by Sunday night?
  • Which makes me wonder if I could have completed a sweater in the same amount of time
  • Perky decided to make the same afghan as me only using size 10 needles and red heart yarn
  • Then she wondered why her square was so much larger than mine
  • Convert had a baby boy - Galvin - 6.4 pounds, 19 inches long
  • The fog is getting thicker, can't see the building across the parking lot
  • I'd better get up and move around, my head is about ready to hit the desk
  • Suppose I could go get some water, I'm out
  • Amusing misheard statement: that rat-bastard was really that right ticket
  • The fog is faded a bit, I can see the building across the parking lot now
  • 28 minutes until I run out the door to go knit; I think I can hold out that long
  • Had an officer follow me for about a mile on the way home
  • He didn't stop me, so no photo opt with a sock for him
  • Today turned out pretty nice considering how dark it started
  • I suppose I should go knit, I've got a goal to meet


Today sucks. It's pouring rain which I really don't mind, but it's chilly which I do mind. The database is running SLOW. Not s-l-o-w but grass is growing faster; snails are zooming by; my Olympic knitting is stitches ahead; paint is... you get the idea. And to top it off, I'm only suppose to knit when on break or during meetings. Kill me now.

One of the supervisors let me know the posted schedules where wrong. So I re-pulled them. They're also wrong. I try to pull them the alternate way. Locks up excel. Screw this! The wrong ones are getting posted and I'll work on the stock Thank you, we're aware of the issue with the PDF's it's being worked on. Yea, the rest of the week off knitting - a girl can dream.

Convert had her baby on Saturday, which gives me plenty of time to knit her something really fast. Oh yea, Olympics.

No knitting at work? Fine Plans vs Zombies it is. OMG, I put the game down, picked it up again 10 minutes later, the level was cleared and I had won. A supervisor walked by and wanted to know what I was playing instead of working. Yea, I was waiting over an hour for an event to happen.

My left heel has a raw spot on it from my old tennis shoes. It doesn't help that Havoc must run around the block. Who would think eight pounds of puppy has that much pull? Yesterday I was getting ready to go, hadn't even gotten the leash or harness on him and he was at the door whining to go.

Haven't figured out what I want to cook for dinner. Nothing thawed out; spaghetti it is. I'll need to stop by the store and pick up some bread to make garlic toast.

Still Behind

Havoc took me for a drag. He's out side harassing squirrels. Dinner is on the table. Time to put in a movie and knit - if I can stay away from Treasure Madness that is. Thanks Carrie...

Can't Post, Still Knitting

With less than a week to go I'm going to fail on my Olympic knitting. If I took the rest of the week off, I might be able to make it; but Grilltech said No calling in sick just too knit. Spoil sport.

List Day

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • There were quite a bit more yesterday for some reason
  • I'm four squares away from finishing the first two strips
  • The convert is due in two weeks, but she's ready any time now
  • She also has very little in the way of brain cells
  • Since I'm making the afghan 20 by 15, I'm calling it a win when I reach the 120 squares the original calls for
  • Okay, 160 because of the border
  • Course this is all subject to change by a whim
  • I've discovered knitting backwards comes in handy for other things than heels and enterlac
  • The Queen is back!  You may all bask my glory - I uploaded all of the day before data; not yesterday's
  • I also had to rip back four rows on one square, the other one was right
  • Perky made the *best* lava cake last night - it had a white chocolate/coconut filling
  • I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday
  • I'd be happier if today was Friday
  • New and improved T1 asked Convert if she'd had the baby
  • She laughed at him
  • One of the Loud Talkers is starting early today
  • It's now foggy outside; it wasn't when I drove in
  • I could see Mars quite clearly
  • I feel like I'm being pulled in twenty different directions
  • Can't really snap at Convert, even if she's trying to make me crazy
  • Passed a car pulled over with four officers and a drug puppy


Day 3

I'm three days into the project, I've completed 20 squares. It's suppose to be 10 x 12, I'm thinking 12 high isn't going to be tall enough. Ick

Let the Games Being!

Damn, now I have to wait until 2000?!
I'm ready for the Knitting Olympics

List Day

  • There was four cars at the bar this morning and a fair amount of traffic
  • I left my badge sitting on my desk this morning when I went out to heat up breakfast
  • Had to call one of the Owl's and ask him to bring it to me
  • I had half a post written out yesterday, but flaked out and didn't get it published
  • I've been up for almost three hours and I'm ready for a nap
  • Grilltech has asked for a Jayne Cobb hat
  • I've ran the same report three times now before finally doing it right
  • The sad part?  It's a daily report, so there really isn't any reason for me doing it wrong, I should be able to do it in my sleep
  • Trying to decide if I want to heat up lunch now or wait an hour
  • Decided it was lunch time
  • Had a case of mistaken identity - we all look the same on communicator
  • I sooo want one
  • Tomorrow is the start of the Knitting Olympics, I still haven't decided what I'm making

Day Late, Dollar Short

This was written up on Friday, but I'm just now getting around to posting it.

Drove to work in the pouring rain. I've seen the blogs where they're expecting another great blizzard of this season. Which makes me very happy I was able to snap a couple of pictures while we had a few brief moments of sun.

Dad's toe socks. I ripped back the first one to the start of the toes then increased the number I set aside for the big toe. It's fitting better. He'll like this pair better than the first set I created for him.

Second of a voyager type hat. Slightly different style than the prior ones made. Longer tassel cord. The color is more blood/maroon red, than pink.

Of course, no photo shoot (or anything else I do for that matter) is completed without supervision. I kept taking photos until I got one of her looking at me. This is as close as I got.

List Day!

  • Counted nice nine cars at the bar
  • Mr Fox decided he could live the with ridicule of his friends by not joining the club
  • For those not in the know, joining the club is code for running across the road while traffic is coming
  • The past week at work has been very, very crappy
  • Oh wait, I'm been PMSing very, very badly, it might be my own prejudices speaking
  • PL is having the same issue
  • Saturday we're having a baby shower for Convert
  • Maybe that's why I'm in such a foul mood - still a bad one - but not as bad
  • My computer was no longer a brick; but a functional system I need to set up again
  • The new computer is a bit faster, so I should be happy
  • Yea, yea. New rope; silk rope - it still means the same thing
  • I'm fully functional again; guess I should get back to work
  • Oh, some of the tools are still slow
  • Did I mention, I no longer have to share my desk?
  • I need to remember to bring in the foam tape for my other ID reader
  • Me: Oh crap! I should have seen that, yes I am a dumbass, nice to meet you. Troll: We've met
  • There were two cars on the drive home

Is it Over?

Yes, I did snap at IT today.
No, I didn't rip anyone's heads off.
Yes, I did apologize for the snapping.
No, I didn't get anything for not killing.
Yes, I do have to go back tomorrow.
No, I don't expect to get a full day's work done.


Because they're going to replace the other fucking computer.