List Day

  • There was four cars at the bar this morning and a fair amount of traffic
  • I left my badge sitting on my desk this morning when I went out to heat up breakfast
  • Had to call one of the Owl's and ask him to bring it to me
  • I had half a post written out yesterday, but flaked out and didn't get it published
  • I've been up for almost three hours and I'm ready for a nap
  • Grilltech has asked for a Jayne Cobb hat
  • I've ran the same report three times now before finally doing it right
  • The sad part?  It's a daily report, so there really isn't any reason for me doing it wrong, I should be able to do it in my sleep
  • Trying to decide if I want to heat up lunch now or wait an hour
  • Decided it was lunch time
  • Had a case of mistaken identity - we all look the same on communicator
  • I sooo want one
  • Tomorrow is the start of the Knitting Olympics, I still haven't decided what I'm making


Megan said...

lol, I love that mug!

Louiz said...

I want one of those mugs, too:)

Sandra said...

I need that mug. ALthough I have a more "office-friendly" one already - Knit geek, with a ball of yarn attached to a USB...
must post a picture one of these days.

Roxie said...

Grill-tech can totally pull off the Jayne Cobb hat! Maye it soon and share the photos.

"If a man wears that hat down the street, you know he's not afraid of anything!"

Amy Lane said...

I want one too! And I didn't cast on anything. I figure I'll just knit more in sympathy this olympics, and leave it at that...

Amy Lane said...

And I have one word for Grilltech: Shiny!