List Day

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • There were quite a bit more yesterday for some reason
  • I'm four squares away from finishing the first two strips
  • The convert is due in two weeks, but she's ready any time now
  • She also has very little in the way of brain cells
  • Since I'm making the afghan 20 by 15, I'm calling it a win when I reach the 120 squares the original calls for
  • Okay, 160 because of the border
  • Course this is all subject to change by a whim
  • I've discovered knitting backwards comes in handy for other things than heels and enterlac
  • The Queen is back!  You may all bask my glory - I uploaded all of the day before data; not yesterday's
  • I also had to rip back four rows on one square, the other one was right
  • Perky made the *best* lava cake last night - it had a white chocolate/coconut filling
  • I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday
  • I'd be happier if today was Friday
  • New and improved T1 asked Convert if she'd had the baby
  • She laughed at him
  • One of the Loud Talkers is starting early today
  • It's now foggy outside; it wasn't when I drove in
  • I could see Mars quite clearly
  • I feel like I'm being pulled in twenty different directions
  • Can't really snap at Convert, even if she's trying to make me crazy
  • Passed a car pulled over with four officers and a drug puppy



Amy Lane said...

Awwww... was the drug puppy cute?

Oh wait...

Roxie said...

See - when you said drug puppy, I flashed on that scene from the National Lampoon movie where the officer says, "Looks like he kept up with you pretty good for the first mile or so."

Twisted:can apply to things other than fiber.

Donna Lee said...

Was the bar crowded on Tuesday or Wednesday? I wondered how many people were Catholics and getting in their last drinks before Ash Wed?