Day Late, Dollar Short

This was written up on Friday, but I'm just now getting around to posting it.

Drove to work in the pouring rain. I've seen the blogs where they're expecting another great blizzard of this season. Which makes me very happy I was able to snap a couple of pictures while we had a few brief moments of sun.

Dad's toe socks. I ripped back the first one to the start of the toes then increased the number I set aside for the big toe. It's fitting better. He'll like this pair better than the first set I created for him.

Second of a voyager type hat. Slightly different style than the prior ones made. Longer tassel cord. The color is more blood/maroon red, than pink.

Of course, no photo shoot (or anything else I do for that matter) is completed without supervision. I kept taking photos until I got one of her looking at me. This is as close as I got.


Roxie said...

Everything is better with a kitty!

the toe-socks are awesome.

Donna Lee said...

My cats dont' like their photos taken. They turn their head away or ignore me entirely. They seem to have no interest in my daily activities, go figure.

The sun looks great today after two days of snow.

Louiz said...

Oooh! interesting socks.

Amy Lane said...

Your cat has my kids' sense of timing. And the toe socks ended up REALLY cool-- the stripes almost match, and that always impresses me!