Today sucks. It's pouring rain which I really don't mind, but it's chilly which I do mind. The database is running SLOW. Not s-l-o-w but grass is growing faster; snails are zooming by; my Olympic knitting is stitches ahead; paint is... you get the idea. And to top it off, I'm only suppose to knit when on break or during meetings. Kill me now.

One of the supervisors let me know the posted schedules where wrong. So I re-pulled them. They're also wrong. I try to pull them the alternate way. Locks up excel. Screw this! The wrong ones are getting posted and I'll work on the stock Thank you, we're aware of the issue with the PDF's it's being worked on. Yea, the rest of the week off knitting - a girl can dream.

Convert had her baby on Saturday, which gives me plenty of time to knit her something really fast. Oh yea, Olympics.

No knitting at work? Fine Plans vs Zombies it is. OMG, I put the game down, picked it up again 10 minutes later, the level was cleared and I had won. A supervisor walked by and wanted to know what I was playing instead of working. Yea, I was waiting over an hour for an event to happen.

My left heel has a raw spot on it from my old tennis shoes. It doesn't help that Havoc must run around the block. Who would think eight pounds of puppy has that much pull? Yesterday I was getting ready to go, hadn't even gotten the leash or harness on him and he was at the door whining to go.

Haven't figured out what I want to cook for dinner. Nothing thawed out; spaghetti it is. I'll need to stop by the store and pick up some bread to make garlic toast.


Roxie said...

Tuesday was computer hell on campus. On-line registration opened for the term at 12 midnight. By 12:30, the system was overloaded and belly up. People had to come in, stand in line for hours, and actually register by hand. OMG!

There's more rain headed your way. buckle up, buttercup.

What did convert have?

Galad said...

What's with the no knitting at work? Do they discriminate against wool?

Amy Lane said...

Seriously... if I'm not knitting I'm nodding off... I'd rather see someone knitting...