In the past 17 years, we have…

Moved four times.
Lost five wedding rings. (One in the bedroom!!)
Raised two lovely young ladies.
Worked at the same job site, twice.
Held hands when no other comfort would do.
Laughed at ourselves and the world.
Cheered at triumphs.
Worried at illnesses.
Fought over trivial and silly things.
Kissed each morning and night.

I think I’m ready for another 30 years or so. Happy anniversary Grilltech!

Monday, October 29th

It was a pretty laid back weekend. Saturday I went and knitted down at the shop. I finished the first sock of the pair that I want to complete by Wednesday. Some how I don't quite think I'm going to make my goal. Oh well, can't everything. I think if I didn't knit so much on Grilltech's sweater the sock would be further along. But the sock would require too much attention to detail which would have taken away from watching Odyssey 5. Sci-Fi is showing them in place of Doctor Who. I'd missed a couple of episodes, so I asked Grilltech to download them for me. Then he proceeds to tell me, there was only a total of 20 episodes. Crappy! So, I'm watching them and enjoying them, but trying hard not to get to attached.

Sunday we cleaned the house up a bit. While putting the broom back, it fell on my arm. I have a lovely goose bump on my forearm. And today my thumb is sore. Not sure if it's related or not.

Friday, October 26th

It's Friday and I'm happy. I may even get to leave the datamine early. The dream of all workers, to leave early. Turns out I do get to leave early.

I'm about two inches away from turning the heel. I should have it done today.

Thursday, October 25th

Early morning conversations from the house:

Me: "You know the worst part of today? I thought it was Friday, turns out it's only Thursday." Later, the alarm is going off. Him: "Hit the alarm button twice, that way it's ready for tomorrow." Me: "But you don't work tomorrow, it's Wednesday."

I've started another pair of socks. I'm putting X's and O's down the sides. They look really neat. Enough to keep it interesting, without putting me completely to sleep. The design really can't be seen very well, but I know it's there. I showed D this morning, she really liked the pattern. So I sent it over to her.

Tuesday, October 23

I still haven't finished the (damn) shawl, but I've started really working on Grilltech's sweater. I keep giggling and holding up the four inches of sleeves to him. I've even made him pet them, he rolls his eyes, but does so to make me happy. Because he's that kind of wonderful husband. I've almost finished the gusset on my sock. Then it will be a quick couple of days to the toe. (I'm about eight rows away from completing the toe. Sock will be done tonight!)

I've picked up a ball winder this weekend. I haven't used it yet, but I need to wind the yarn for the (damn) shawl. Dad's buffalo socks and anything else I can think of or can find in hanks. I don't have a swift yet, but I'm sure Grilltech will be happy to either wind or hold. He's such a sweety.

We had knit and eat on Friday night. The girls tried some of the Peach Meade. It was very good. And has enough kick to knock you on your ass.

Monday, October 22nd

No post today, because e-mail bounced. Will post tomorrow.

Thursday, October 18th

I finished a green hat. I picked up some (drool) lovely blue Quivot. I finished Grilltech's socks. Worked two rows on the (damn) shawl. Petted some buffalo yarn. (What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison? Can't wash your hands in a buffalo.) Listened to the guy from Buffalo Gold. He was funny and nice. (Bison, it's what the Mommy buffalo says to her son when he leaves for school.) I can't wait to knit up the socks for my dad using the buffalo.

Anyway, Grilltech is feeling much better. He's ready to eat real food, but still is on the special diet until he's off the medication, which will be Friday. The eldest had to be taken to the ER last night. She's not able to keep anything down. Sounds like the flu hit early at her house.

I'm (still) not sleeping well, which makes it really hard to get up in the mornings. Work has been leveling off. Had a bi-annual review. I'm not "living up to my potential". Yeah, I'm not a slacker, but I'm not doing enough. I have a very narrow view of what I do, that's the problem with specialization. I could use more sleep.

Friday, October 12

Thanks for the supportive comments. I think a lot of the "bored of knitting" is coming from the stress. I started yet another project. I hat for him. It's small, mindless and on size six needles. Sure the (damn) shawl is on size eights, but its lace. I've also been doing quite a bit of stress eating. Which really adds to the stress level.

Work is starting to be a little less crazy. Should have gotten tons of OT, but our Corporate Master's decreed there will be no overtime or the beatings will be more serve. I'm having to take the I am a leaf on the wind attitude. It does help at times. Twelve minutes and counting, then the week is ovah! On the plus side, I did get two 19 inch monitors for my systems. The down side? Its the same exact resolution as the 17 inch ones.

Wednesday, October 10th

No real knitting progress to report. I'm to the heel on Grilltech's charcoal sock. I've made about four inches on the second purple and teal (Turquoise?) sock. It's amazing how much knitting can be done at the ER. (MIL, you may want to stop reading and call. On the other hand, I should make him call you.) I added about .25 of ribbing, and the rest is straight knit. I would have gotten more done, but I was bored of knitting. Yes, bored. of. knitting.

I was sick on Thursday and Friday of last week. Grilltech wasn't feeling well on Friday. He thought he was passing a kidney stone. By Monday, he can hardly do more then hobble around. We call the doctor and she said, go to the ER so they can do a CAT scan. (I said, we've got four cats, why do we need to go to the ER?) Anyway turns out it's not a kidney stone, but an infection. He's on two strong antibiotics and pain meds. They offered the choice of staying at the hospital or going home. He opted for home. I asked what to watch for, and home we came. Last night, he was much cooler to the touch, so I think he's on the mend. Tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment, so maybe we'll know more.

Anyway, I'm off to (maybe) knit.

Tuesday, October 2nd

About a month ago I ordered a silver snake chain from a jewelry store. I wanted a 22 inch chain, which they don't make them that length. I went with the 24 inch and he said he would cut it down for me. Good deal. Saturday, he called me and let me know it was in. I was excited. Monday after work, I went to the store to pick it up. He showed it to me, then said, you can pick it up tomorrow morning. I haven't cut it down yet. WHAT?! So, after work today, I'll need to run to the jewelry store again and pick up the chain.

I've finished the first of the purple and teal socks. Haven't casted on for the second one yet. Lazy I know. I'm about half an inch away from starting the heel on Grilltech's second sock. He'll be happy when this set is done. I'll need to drag out the dark blue I got him for another pair of socks. He's wearing holes into the socks I make him. Well, the cotton ones. The wool ones are holding up really well.

I'm having a hard time finding a minute here and there. My work flow has changed, so I'm busy, really busy. I don't make it through all the blogs. I missing reading about my internet friends.

Monday, October 2nd

It's hard coming back to work after a five day weekend. I don't know how teachers do it after three months off. Work? Why would I want to do that? I had a mountain of e-mails I had to wade through. It took me most of the day to get caught up.