Anyone with a smart phone knows the Angry Birds:

Are you aware of there was a peace treaty?

I was out taking pictures and Fran had to come check it out.

What's she looking at?

That's right, it's an Angry Bird! (Rav)


Spent most of the day being someone else's lackey. This time around, I'm way happier because I'm actually doing what I need to be trained on. Instead of knitting and generally wishing to do something else, anything else then listening to a cow-orker drone on and on.

We did our taxes yesterday - we're getting money back. Since the tax deductions moved out, my greatest fear is we'll end up owing about eight or nine hundred. It comes from the same nameless place as I'll run out of yarn. I just won't mention that sometimes, I do run out.

Dinner is almost ready and my overlord is trying to get me to feed her good food. Maybe she'll get lucky.

List Day

  • Counted four snowy cars at the bar this morning
  • Spent the day training a lacky - it appears I'll be having her until next Wednesday
  • I went from three rows to four inches on a sock
  • Drug Grilltech to the bank to look in the safety despot box
  • What we wanted, wasn't there, it was buried on my desk
  • Along with an unopened Christmas card from Amy
  • I'm feeling pretty much like a bad friend
  • Which is odd, because I spent my work hours feeling like a crabby dorkfish
  • Speaking of dorkfish, while the lacky was at lunch, I was trying to get next week's forecast set up
  • Can you see where this is going can't you? I did this week, instead of next week
  • I had to correct this week and get the following week's data done
  • Next week, I have different lacky... you'll never guess who
  • Tomorrow is Procreator's last day
  • I'll be able to catch up on reading everyone this weekend, since I'm busy knitting training at work
  • Because it's all I can do to keep from grabbing the mouse and screaming you're doing it wrong!!
  • Think I can turn the heel tomorrow?
  • Good night everyone and Big Balls!

I've Been Busy

Today has been a bit of an odd duck. Rain, snow, hail, wind and sunshine. While I took pictures, it was windy and hailing.

My sweater is coming along. I'm at the yoke and back in the excitement of it's a sweater for me!

A hat for Thunder Mountain Traders.

Grilltech's new socks. They would have taken a bit longer, but I had a lacky today. Will most likely have her for the rest of the week.

Made a baby sweater for a cow-orker, I hope she likes it.

Grilltech asked for a Jayne Cobb hat. The first one I made wasn't quite what I wanted, so I made another second one. Both Baby Bird and Grilltech love them. The hat actually went to Eldest's husband, but Baby Bird snagged it running around wearing it.

List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • It's a crazy here at work
  • A new software roll out for some of the floor for some people
  • And east coast bad weather for others
  • I'm not liking this month's YOSS, so I'm knitting a plain sock
  • Okay, I'm finishing the plain socks I started last month
  • The problem with listening to sound tracks? They make you want to watch the movie... all 111 hours of it
  • Not sure which is worse, the sickening floral or the overpowering cinnamon smells
  • Its been a quiet week, the Gnome is in training
  • Told Procreator if he closed the curtains I. Would. Hurt. Him. But the sun is beaming straight into your eyes!
  • Only 1.5 more hours of my day to go
  • I need to make a pom-pom
  • And I need to knit another hat

Stolen for Roxie

Roxie put this up on her blog and I've decided to emulate her:

So, for a bit of frivolity, let's import a facebook silliness to blogdom. I want you to leave a post telling how you met me, but I want you to lie. If you have posted for me on facebook and want to repeat or re-enter the lists with another lie, please do. And, if you would like, I will go to your blog and do the same. With all the active imaginations in the area, this turns out to be a lot of fun!

Everyone ready?

List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Tuesday's sign read: 1 dollar off Tequila and Wednesday there was only one car
  • Uneventful drive in, no animals dashing across the road, people pulled over, only one slow driving Chevy pickup
  • Yip, it's going to be a day, buttoned my sweater wrong
  • Grilltech is crabby
  • And somehow yesterday, I broke the HUGE-ASSED forecast spreadsheet
  • OMG! There was two bright SHINY diamond color spots in the sky....
  • I kept trying to show BBQer, but he wouldn't look in time
  • The clouds are being swept to the south today
  • Usually, when I see This pattern is available for $0.00., they mean free...
  • BBQ'er didn't get his paycheck when he should have
  • The HUGE-ASSED forecast spreadsheet which I was working on last night and had a bunch of zero's where it shouldn't have, fixed itself today... I'm very relieved
  • Seriously? You make me walk across the floor to ask me a question the person right next to you, had already asked me - ON HIS WAY TO SEE YOU.
  • Two hours of my life I'll never get back, and I'm still waiting for the upload to finish
  • The guy I was training, really appreciated being able to watch a green bar try and move while he surfed the net
  • BBQ'er didn't like it when I told him, They must have fixed the glitch
  • My left hand is itching like mad, is that $$?

Almost Here

Spring is coming. Sure some parts of the country are buried under two feet of newly fallen snow and frigid tempuratures.

But here in Boise? The signs are simple and easy to see. A couple of trees are budding. Crazy, I know. It's not even March yet. The sky has been starting to get lighter, earlier and earlier. It's starting about 0715-0730 instead of 0800.

Flocks of Robins have been seen flitting about. Not a couple of Robins, but 25-50 of them at a time.

The final omen? Last night, I found a Lady Bug on my shoe lace. A Lady Bug!

Spring's coming, and I can't wait.

2/5th of the Week

  • Today's post started out as a regular one, but ended up really disconnected and scattered, so I turned it into a list
  • It's appears that blogger crashed today. Which really sucks, because I read everyone while waiting for the computer to crunch its numbers.
  • Guess this means I have to work today
  • Last night was a bad night of sleep at the Tech house. Neither one of us really wanted to go to work today, but someone has to flip the calendar to a new month.
  • BBQ'er is snuffling, which really makes me want to turn and tell him, blow your nose
  • Only ten more days of Joy - the loud talker - left, she's taken a new position within the company
  • The sun has now cleared the artificial mountain (another building) and is pouring it's golden light straight into my eyes
  • This week's goal: at least four days of exercise
  • Procreator's last day is the 10th
  • One of the many things you don't want to hear your boss say: I'm really sexy today (He really said: I'm really excellent today)
  • I'm blaming the high wall and his use of the Austin Power's voice, plus my lack of sleep from the night before
  • It's your hand, Buckaroo
  • Turns out Procreator's last day isn't the 10th, but the 18th!
  • Okay, is the day over yet?