Stolen for Roxie

Roxie put this up on her blog and I've decided to emulate her:

So, for a bit of frivolity, let's import a facebook silliness to blogdom. I want you to leave a post telling how you met me, but I want you to lie. If you have posted for me on facebook and want to repeat or re-enter the lists with another lie, please do. And, if you would like, I will go to your blog and do the same. With all the active imaginations in the area, this turns out to be a lot of fun!

Everyone ready?


Deb said...

We met at an IT conference that had a booth featuring an LYS. Well, a girl can dream can't she?

We discussed the merits of cashmere over alpaca.

We also discussed how knitting is what got us through the day when we had to deal with people that thought that because you create it on a computer, it should only take you 10 minutes to write a complex program.

Roxie said...

We were doing the Dolce Gabana show in Milan in '93. Or was it 92? Anyway, it was the year he wanted us all to wear those ginchy lampshades, and the fringe started coming off mine and trailing on the catwalk. You tripped on it and vaulted right into Mick Jagger's lap. I haven't seen ol rubber lips so happy since Elton gave him that British Twill. Anyhow,at the party, you and I both wound up with a Lagerfield! Remember? The tabloids went nuts!!

Sandra said...

That craxy time rafting on the Ottawa river, remember? The raft tipped in the rapids, and we were all swimming for the calm water and small island to wait for a pick up. Then of course the one guy who couldn't swim (he neglected to mention that at the orientation), and you and I had to swim out to get him. A lifelong friendship developed from saving that idiot's life.

Amy Lane said...

*g* You remember when we met, right? It was at the Sword and Sorcery Con-- I was dressed like Shagrat the Orc, and you said, "Well, it could have been worse. You could have been a gnome..."