2/5th of the Week

  • Today's post started out as a regular one, but ended up really disconnected and scattered, so I turned it into a list
  • It's appears that blogger crashed today. Which really sucks, because I read everyone while waiting for the computer to crunch its numbers.
  • Guess this means I have to work today
  • Last night was a bad night of sleep at the Tech house. Neither one of us really wanted to go to work today, but someone has to flip the calendar to a new month.
  • BBQ'er is snuffling, which really makes me want to turn and tell him, blow your nose
  • Only ten more days of Joy - the loud talker - left, she's taken a new position within the company
  • The sun has now cleared the artificial mountain (another building) and is pouring it's golden light straight into my eyes
  • This week's goal: at least four days of exercise
  • Procreator's last day is the 10th
  • One of the many things you don't want to hear your boss say: I'm really sexy today (He really said: I'm really excellent today)
  • I'm blaming the high wall and his use of the Austin Power's voice, plus my lack of sleep from the night before
  • It's your hand, Buckaroo
  • Turns out Procreator's last day isn't the 10th, but the 18th!
  • Okay, is the day over yet?

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

*snicker* "I'm really sexy today"? OMG-- really? that must have been a BAD moment!