List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • Had a bit of an upset stomach the past two mornings
  • Grilltech has put in his order for "his next $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ socks"
  • I figure I've got plenty of time before those socks are even something that can be considered
  • It hasn't been foggy the past two mornings, but cloudy
  • I wish it was only 9 to 5
  • Best statement ever: Knitting is not my hobby, its my post-apocalyptic skill set
  • I've got a headache brewing, I'd rather not have


emicat said...

Now that would be some awesome yarn!

Mr. Shife said...

It seems like I always show up on list day. I don't know why I have not asked before but what bar are you always referring to? Not that I go out anymore but my curious nature would like to know. I think we are getting pretty spoiled by our weather lately. I sure hope we don't get a surprise in February.

Galad said...

Hope the headache is better.

Roxie said...

What are you doing about the upset stomache?

Knitting makes a great post-apocalyptic skill set!

Amy Lane said...

I'm making a T-shirt with that quote. So. Awesome.