What I've been doing

Down the street. The past few mornings we've had dense fog, thankfully it's burned off by mid afternoon.

I've reworked the mitts. Added a thumb gusset and really like the fit.

Fran had to come see what I was doing, because I can't do anything without cat supervision.

Grilltech's new sock. He likes the darker greens.

Almost finished my first skein of yarn, I was worried I might not have enough to finish. I have two less than half skeins used on the sleeves, plus two unused. I'm feeling pretty good about this sweater.


Roxie said...

Fran is clearly an experienced supervisor. You were lucky she turned up.

The knitting rocks! Good on you!!

Lovs2Knit said...

Good to see that Fran is supervising and making sure that you do everything correctly. Great projects.

Carrie Penny said...

The WIPs and FOs look great, but once again, the cat gets me every time. I updated my post just for you, so you can get the links to the patterns.

Donna Lee said...

I like the socks too! And the mitts are so beautiful. What a pretty pattern.

I like seeing a place that has no snow.

Lorette said...

I like all the projects, but I REAALY like the mitts! The cat looks very smug, as cats do.

Amy Lane said...

Your Wips always look soooooo good!