YOSS (Rav) YOSS (non Rav) is off. I finished up a couple of orphan projects - well not really orphans - before I started my YOSS socks. I've chosen St Brigid's Carnamoyle Stockings. There is enough of a pattern to keep the knitting interesting. The needles and yarn are huge which makes the whole sock a quick knit.

However, it does appear the pattern was written by a novice designer. There are simple errors that would have been caught if test knitters had helped out. A pattern correction out there, but it should be in the pattern.


Megan said...

Those are really pretty socks. It's too bad the errata isn't in the pattern. I hate when that happens.

Donna Lee said...

I like the pattern. I like the idea of YOSS but I'm not sure I want to add any pressure to my life. I always take these things so seriously (like anyone really cares if I finish a pair of socks in a month or not). And I agree with you and the errata. I tend to blame myself when a pattern doesn't work, I don't ever blame the designer. It's very frustrating.

Amy Lane said...

I think I'll join you-- I've got a BUNCH of started socks that need to be finished--maybe I'll do that. And I LOVE the St. Brigid's pattern.