Tuesday's Pix

Down the street:
Most of the snow is gone in the valley, but the hills still have some.

Grilltech's blanket is done:
It's warm and I've stole it today. It's a good thing he's off to teach tonight or I'd have to put a sweater.

A gift for Procreator's wife:
Folia (Rav) a pretty quick knit.

Christmas present:
This bowl is amazing! It's stone fossils.

Another Christmas present:
How did I live without a Sonic Screwdriver?


Galad said...

I am so jealous of your sonic screwdriver :-)

The blanket looks warm and wonderful. I'm sure GrillTech is appreciative of all the work!

GrillTech said...

very appreciative. Now if I can just hang on to it..

Roxie said...

The blanket rocks! The fossil bowl is TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!!

Now, where can I get a dozen sonic screwdrivers? DH and everyone else in the machine shop can use them. Want!!

Glad the freezy skid stuff is off the streets. Safe driving to and from the gainful employment.

Sandra said...

love the fossil bowl - very cool!
Most of our snow disappeared over New Years, but it's starting to pile up again...

emicat said...

Cool fossil bowl! And yeah for the blankie completed - it's nice! If it's been as cold as it has been here, I'd be fighting w/ my SO for the blanket too :)

Mr. Shife said...

That blanket looks awesome especially lately since it has been so chilly. I think the older I get the more I don't like the cold and want to be layered. Looks like you did alright for yourself this Christmas, and I hope you are enjoying the new year. Take care.

Donna Lee said...

Jealous here of the sonic screwdriver but i know where to get one. I didn't get one for christmas so I'll buy one for myself!

The blanket is beautiful. What a lot of work that was. But well worth it.

Red said...

love the blanket!

Amy Lane said...

Love the gifts--and gees, don't you look like someone I could sit and have coffee with! Huzzah for Grilltech's blanket!