Friday Catch Up

It's Friday and I've made it through another week of work. Sure, it wasn't a full week of work but it was work. Things have calmed down somewhat here, but it can explode any time. Especially since it's the end of the month and there will be no recovery time. It tends to make managers and department heads crazy.

Had coffee with Bride-to-be (BTB) last night. They've booked the place. She keeps saying she wants to make the flowers - knit them, but she hasn't found any patterns she likes. I was knitting on the hematite vest last, while we talked. I'm thinking about five or six more inches before arm hole shaping will start. Grilltech tends to like his sweaters on the long side.

Today, I remembered to move the dental floss, comb and aspirin to my current bag. A very good thing, since I've already used two of the three items.

The Navy sock gusset is almost completed. Which means I'm on the downhill side of this bad boy. It's really handy to have a sock around when it comes to hour glasses.

I'm debating if I should make the bottoms to the pink blob. Yeah who am I kidding, I'll make them. Fear for me, I'll be blocking this weekend. I'll need to watch my back, the cats may send an assassin after me. I really shouldn't be too worried, they'll probably use the one the OT (O'Terrorist) sent after Grilltech.

Is it just me or does anyone else wonder how fast the trial happened in the song The Night the Lights Went in Georgia? And why is Little Sister blaming the judge for her not stepping up and taking responsibility?

Cow-orker saying every time I show you something there has to be an easier way to do this is not endearing yourself to me. Its showing me that a) you’re a whiner and b) that I really don’t have any desire to train you. I could show you the way I was shown how to do this; then you can say there has to be an easier way to do this. I did ask him to figure out a better way. Sputter, sputter, I'll need to think about it.

No wonder why the morning has been so quite, outlook has been closed. Now it's back to work. On the plus side, less than 15 minutes to go.

List Day!

  • Sign of a bad economy? There were only three cars at the bar this morning

  • Rose Kim is good today

  • Dude, I could care less if you've got your systems up, you're training on mine

  • Yea, PMS is rearing its ugly head

  • I haven't been knitting in the evenings at home for the past couple of days

  • The formerly secret pink blob is fixed, but needs to be blocked

  • I'll have to kick the cats out of the bedroom to use the bed for blocking

  • They won't like that, if you don't hear from me in days, come looking

  • I thought I pulled everything out of my purse I'd need and put it in the bag I brought today

  • Turns out today I needed dental floss, comb and aspirin (all at home)

  • Thankfully I bummed some dental floss off a cow-orker

  • For some reason, I don't think he wants it back

  • I've turned the heel and picked up the gusset on the second Navy sock

  • The database is crazy slow!

  • Of course it is, I'm training someone how to do it

  • Hmmm no, I haven't been paying attention to the environment, are we tanking that badly?

  • However, I do think this bag is adorable

  • I'm going home well, because I'd like to stay that way

  • Nothing make me knit faster than watching seconds tick by while waiting for a report to generate

  • ...on a dead line

  • Grilltech is not having fun today

  • Now, I almost feel bad for teasing him earlier

  • Okay dumbass, (me) it shouldn't take three times to realize the same frakkin' thing is going happen when I hit the down arrow...nothing

  • And people say I'm smart

  • DQ is working himself into a frenzy already this morning

  • I'm thinking it was a carryover from yesterday's drama, Drama, DRAMA

  • Grilltech scored massive Grandpa points yesterday by giving Babybird her own cell phone

  • I don't know why he's drilling right next to my bay, but I want him to stop

  • Another sign of a bad economy? Only SEVEN rolls of TP in one stall!!

  • Did I mention I left my aspirin at home?

  • OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, the Queen of the Dumbass has returned

  • I clicked and the computer said, delete the linked skill? OKAY!!

  • Don't have the slightest clue how I did it, I wasn't even on the application when I clicked

  • What? We're still tanking and it’s the end of the month with no way to recover?

  • Picture a farm yard full of chickens running around

  • Did I mention we passed a coyote on the way in to work this morning?

  • Oh yea, I left aspirin at home

  • Dude, English. I don't speak Gnome

  • Okay, that was mean and uncalled for

  • Oh, I'd better sign my tax paperwork

  • Now I have cats, I guess their better then cow-orkers

WIP Friday!

Whew! The week is over, and it's a l-o-n-g weekend. A longer one is coming up in a couple of weeks, but this will do.

I've been knitting on:

Navy blue socks, at times they look black. Next to them is my white trash sock bag. People at work often joke, what's in the bag and will I share? I always tell them no....

Nicole is done mostly finished. The pink bits don't quite match, so I'll need to reknit one. The body needs to be ripped back to the bind off row. It will be simple fix, but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

I've been stringing beads, because I'm going to knit some beaded edging. So it's strung and sitting on my desk looking dejected until I get around to finding or designing a pattern.

Not pictured:

  • Lupine socks

  • Maze socks

  • Hematite vest

Roxie for you, because you always post so many lovely flowers.

Have a good weekend everyone.

List Day!

  • For some reason I was thinking today was Friday

  • There were eight cars at the bar today

  • I've got pictures, I'll post tomorrow

  • I ripped back on the lupine sock, I'll start working on them when I finish this set

  • Training today. Massive amounts of training

  • Data entry girl isn't here (yet), so I'll be listening to VM's here when I finish my current project

  • I've been putting together a b-day wish list

  • And I feel guilty about it

  • It's nice to know temporal displacement is affecting others... someone said October

  • I'm so brain dead

1000 Words

Has anyone noticed when I don't have much to say, I post pictures? No? Good!

I didn't have stitch markers handy, so I pulled off my earrings and used them. The close up pictures were blurry, so it's a full picture.

Finished the pair of socks.

Drive by Posting

It was a good weekend. Grilltech spent a good part of Sunday working on the fence. The gate now closes without being lifted. Completely kewl. It did take two trips to a large home improvement store.

I finished the IKL Socks. I've got six hours at work with nothing to knit on. I could do that whole work thing, but I usually knit between hourglasses. So, I am working... In the mean time until I get home and can wind another skien I'm reading blogs.

Head over to Grilltech's or Perky's blog to see the latest addition.

List Day!

  • The datamine's database was - dare I say it? - almost running fast

  • What is going on in the world?

  • As I was thinking about the speed of the database and almost said something out loud, then it went back to its normal flaky self

  • The universe is back to normal

  • There were five cars at the bar

  • Didn't pass any officers on the way in today, but yesterday we did pass a fox

  • I'm having an irrational fear of running out of yarn on the IKL Sock

  • If I do, I'm afraid I'll need to stop knitting sock for a while

  • I've got a strong impulse to eat something, I'm full - very full - so there isn't a valid reason for this desire

  • It's time for gum

  • Okay dumbass (me) it doesn't do any good to level set this week

  • I'm about an inch away from starting the heel

  • Franklin might have a valid point

  • Perky take a look! (thanks Red)

  • Trained another person today

  • I'm so mean, I took Grilltech's ID card back to my desk

  • Here in 45 minutes, I'll be getting trained

  • It's been 15 minutes and he hasn't noticed yet

  • Maybe he'll notice when lunch is over

  • Training was cancelled, so I'm doing some CBT's instead

  • It took him 25 minutes to notice

  • I'm ready to gouge my eyes out, this CBT is dull

  • I tripped next to the vending machine and a blackberry pie followed me back to my desk

  • The Gnome told me to stop scaring the Newbies

  • I thought I was the model of restraint when I told her to see PL or LT for some training

  • I didn't tell her to pull her head out of her ass, you've been trained twice in the area you've been screwing up

  • I guess it's all a matter of perspective

  • Today, PL was frustrated by one of Newbie's errors as well

  • M$ 2007 has some interesting abilities

  • Granted I still hate it; but it does have some good points

  • I have a cat on my lap

  • The heel was started at knit group

  • It was raining on the way to work; and it started raining on the way home

  • I should get pictures of the WIPs but I'm too lazy it's raining

  • Happy Friday Eve everyone!

Temporal Displacement

My temporal displacement is getting worse. Instead of May (05), I've been putting September (09). Not really sure why I keep trying to time travel. There is so much exciting stuff coming up next month.

Today while making reservations for June, the nice Indian lady was confirming the dates you have a room for May 11th, departing on the 12th. I was wondering how we were going make those dates. I'm a Otaku therefore all my spells are computer based, time traveling would be out. A regular mage may be able to time travel - who knows those guys are freaks. She laughed and corrected herself.

He's Trying to Kill Me

Mother's day was a lot of fun (go check out Grilltech's blog for pictures). Until I decided to try to chop my thumb off. It makes knitting a bit of challenge, but then I do enjoy a good challenge from time to time. The IKL Socks feel like they're made of steel wool, while the pink blob feel like it's made of soft wool. Grilltech's socks do need to be made of steel wool. I've taken to looking his socks over while doing laundry, so I can catch problems early.

A couple of days ago, the Gnome stated these numbers are don't match these ACD numbers. That's a difference of 90K calls. Odd. So I go download the numbers (again). Run the macro I wrote to condense the data. Input the number into the huge-ass spreadsheet. Odd, same numbers. Maybe it's me - because lord knows it can't be the data. I run a report, upload the data into the end-all-be-all database. Download those numbers. Compress the data (again). Input the numbers. Same fraggin numbers. Exactly. The. Same. WTF?! I start looking. The numbers he pointed to as what we should be close to, only count 30 queues not the 44 queues the report dump uses. I informed the Gnome, he was trying to kill me. He doesn't see the dark and twisted humor, but I do.

I own a magical stitch marker. It jumped fell off the needles today. I spent a good 10 minutes looking for it on the green/brown/yellow carpet. I even had two others looking. We couldn't find it. Every time I'd do something, I'd look for said marker. About 30 minutes later, I looked again. There it was sitting there in the middle of the floor. I know two of us had looked in the area it was found. Needless to say, I'm very happy it decided to return.


It's killing me. End goal? To be able to do the whole (bleeping) thing and not die while doing it.

Sugar Rush

This morning, I turned the alarm off, rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up at 0315 a good 30 minutes later than normal. ACK!! I was only fifteen minutes late to work, amazingly enough. The thought of calling in sick did cross my mind. Warm bed, cats draped everywhere and Grilltech to snuggle with. But I didn't, I'm here at work - gym bag still on the coffee table, I'm freezing, one non-diet soda drank, and a package of Zinger's eaten. All in the hopes I'll be more alert. It's not helping. So I've got a full tummy and a strong desire to crawl under the desk to nap. Nap, too nice of a word for it. Sleep, snoring to the rafters and drool on the pillow kind of sleep.

It must be the lack of sleep that is making time odd. Not that I'm complaining - does it sound like I'm complaining? Usually when I'm crunching the numbers, I get way more knitting done. It seems like the reports are running faster or I've been knitting slower. Either way, the day is going and in a couple more hours, it will be over.

I'm thinking I'll go home get the gym bag and run to the other Gold's. Don't quite like the newer one, it’s too open sunny bright I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's all those descriptors. I prefer the enclosed feeling of my gym. Makes me feel like I'm on a space ship. The other one makes me think I'm out side. I hate being out side.

Anyway, I've turned the heel on the IKS Sock. Will be picking up the gusset. I left stitch markers at home (along with a bunch of other things I'd like to have brought with me). So I'll be making some markers out of yarn. I suppose I could use my earrings. I

decided to go with the earrings. I won't accidently knitting them into the sock. When I get home, I can swap them out for real stitch markers.

Walked around the building twice during break. It seems to have helped wake me up somewhat. That was until I sat down and started working. Eye lids are heavy and droopy again.

The other pool wasn't that exciting. I'll keep going to the regular gym.

List Day!

  • There was ONE car at the bar this morning!

  • I think it's because everyone was hung-over from Tuesday night, because the parking lot was fully Wednesday morning

  • I passed five (!) boy's in blue on the way into work

  • To be fair only two were driving, the other three was busting someone

  • The body of the pink blog is bound off, but it's not centered, so I'll need to put it back on the needles

  • Database update must be completed, the system isn't jerky any more

  • Down side to knitting socks on 12 inch needles? The heel

  • I keep thinking today is Friday

  • I've found it's easier to knit backwards with these small needles, then purl back

  • Not only am I thinking it's Friday, but I'm thinking it's the 15th

  • These needles aren't the best for measuring. This sock is eight inches long instead of the normal seven

  • Yesterday, Grilltech brought home two chocolate covered strawberries... yummy!

  • Day is mostly over

  • I've almost finished the heel on the IKL sock

  • The mail server on the other computer keeps bouncing

  • I'll be training people later this morning

  • Duke Nukem haven't played that game in forever!

  • Course when we started playing it, our CPU was a 486; and a friend had to come over to help re-write the config.sys for an extra 2KB of RAM

  • We can start wearing jeans all the time

  • Hmmm, now I'm torn: jeans are comfortable but I have a bunch of dressy clothes that currently fit

  • I've broken my cheap-ass hematite ring for those keeping track: Grilltech 5; Me: 2

  • A total of seven lost or broken rings for 19 years is pretty good

  • Now I'm wondering if it really is a good thing

  • I broke down and had a blackberry pie

  • Its Grilltech's fault... I was getting him a soda and wouldn't have seen it

  • Okay, I was weak and was going to get something from the vending machine; it just happened to be a fruit pie

  • I've almost completed the heel on the IKS Sock

  • They're eating nachos here and my mouth is watering

  • My stomach on the other hand is quite full and thinks eating would be a bad idea

  • Writing documentation is about as exciting as watching paint dry

  • There was one car at the bar on the drive home

Klingon Socks!

I left my gym bag at home, which is just as well, the wet swim suit and towel I left in it from yesterday won't do me any good. I suppose I could swim again. If I had remembered to bring it. So, tonight I'll go home and do a video. I did a 30 minute video about a week ago, I about died! Sure, I can do 30 minutes of cardio, 45 minutes of weights, and another 30 of cardio; but that video... I'm thinking it's because I'm using a whole bunch of different muscles. (That had better be the reason, or I'll be really upset.)

I've almost finished the body of the pink blob secret knitting. Only two small bits (pink bits... hahahaha) to knit up after the body is completed. My sock is still in time out, so I've got a hawk colored sock on the needles for Grilltech. Hawk - Bird of Prey - Klingon socks? Or should it be Romulan? Now I have to look it up. Turns out both the Romulan's and Klingon's had Bird's of Prey ships. So I'm going to go with the kewler name: IKS Socks. I really doubt they'll be done by this weekend, so he won't be able to wear them to the opening of Star Trek the Movie.

I'm still on the fence on above mentioned movie. I think it will be an excellent action flick. But I'm not really sure I want to go see it in the theater. We do go purchase bulk tickets at the $200 store, so its not that big of a deal if I do decide to go. It will mean I'll need to get up a bit earlier than normal and cook breakfast before we go. I'm going to cook breakfast even if I don't go, so that's not a big deal.

I didn't get the whole hour of my DVD done, I was wore out. Figure I'll keep practicing soon I'll be doing the whole thing with little effort.

Because I'm a Lemming....

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It showed up...

Warning, I'm all over the place today. Read at your own risk...

I believe these Lupine socks will be the end of me. Why? Because I have to rip back. AGAIN. This time, only the gusset was finished. I've been working the foot and thinking to myself, this thing is looking HUGE. Not Yarn Harlot big, but larger then what I wear. So, instead of spending the time between reports knitting, I'm glaring at the sock. When I get home tonight, I'll go pull another skein of yarn and start knitting Grilltech a pair of socks. Because Lupine, we need a break. Or maybe it doesn't want to be socks... Fingerless mitts would be cute.

I have been working on the pink blob formerly secret knitting. It's less than two inches away from starting the bind off. I'm starting to get excited to have it finished. I'm really enjoying how it's turning out. I should pull out the directions and start the math, so there won't be pause.

I've been wearing clothes that didn't used to fit to work. A couple of white blouses, skirts and other office type outfits. Today it's a white blouse with black pin stripes. It looks pretty snappy. Until I was standing in the bathroom under the bright lights and realized my blue demin bra is slightly visible. Maybe later I can walk around with TP stuck to my shoe.

I broke down and joined facebook. I've gotten a couple of friends. One I went to school with and another I used to work with. It reminds me of Ravelry only way slower and not as many knitters. Who knows there may be a ton of knitters there, I haven't looked yet.

Perky, you've got to look at these granny squares!!

I've been working on some beaded edging. I'm not thrilled at how it's turning out, so it's back to the drawing board. I did pull down Knitting on the Edge and flip through it. I'm thinking of going back to Stahman's Shawls and Scarves because Myrna does have some pretty nice edgings.

Didn't walk out of the bathroom with TP; instead I spilled BBQ sauce down the front of my shirt. I'm so awesome.

It figures...

My comments from work hasn't made it home yet. So, no real post.

List Day!

  • There were 12 cars at the bar this morning

  • I finished the ginormous report

  • Yesterday's post title, says it all

  • I've been working on my on posture

  • One of the vending machines ripped me off a quarter

  • Still debating if I want to wander up to the front desk and get a refund

  • Today, I've sugared out

  • It's a type passwords slow day

  • Maybe its more of a do everything slow day

  • Heroes cliffhanger was a bit of a let down

  • They killed Sylar and Nathan - kinda

  • Maybe tonight I'll be able to do something more then sit and knit on simple items

  • I seriously doubt it, because currently I can barely keep my eyes open

  • Thank you Roxie! It arrived

  • As predicted, Grilltech thought it was funny!!

  • I use almost the same password in lots of places

  • Which makes today interesting - Oh it must be the other password

  • I wish it would hurry and warm up

  • Mack the Knife finished playing on my MP3 player

  • Good news: PMS is gone

  • Pink Lady (hence forth will be known as PL) brought in left over Care Bears cake

  • I'm thinking about knitting up some lace edging - with beads

  • Finished the gusset on my sock

  • The Gnome: Knittech, what are you working on?

  • The replacement sock. Oh, you mean work wise?

  • Oh, yea. Sit up straight

  • Bummer, I can't get out of training today, so no hope of escaping early

  • It's soup time, and I'd better go eat because that cake sitting next me is starting to look good

  • Sit up straight

  • The air-conditioning is blowing the cake fumes right into me

  • Thankfully the cake has been moved

  • I'm grateful I don't live where Trish does

  • Today really is Friday!

  • I did get out of training, by working on a different report