List Day!

  • Sign of a bad economy? There were only three cars at the bar this morning

  • Rose Kim is good today

  • Dude, I could care less if you've got your systems up, you're training on mine

  • Yea, PMS is rearing its ugly head

  • I haven't been knitting in the evenings at home for the past couple of days

  • The formerly secret pink blob is fixed, but needs to be blocked

  • I'll have to kick the cats out of the bedroom to use the bed for blocking

  • They won't like that, if you don't hear from me in days, come looking

  • I thought I pulled everything out of my purse I'd need and put it in the bag I brought today

  • Turns out today I needed dental floss, comb and aspirin (all at home)

  • Thankfully I bummed some dental floss off a cow-orker

  • For some reason, I don't think he wants it back

  • I've turned the heel and picked up the gusset on the second Navy sock

  • The database is crazy slow!

  • Of course it is, I'm training someone how to do it

  • Hmmm no, I haven't been paying attention to the environment, are we tanking that badly?

  • However, I do think this bag is adorable

  • I'm going home well, because I'd like to stay that way

  • Nothing make me knit faster than watching seconds tick by while waiting for a report to generate

  • ...on a dead line

  • Grilltech is not having fun today

  • Now, I almost feel bad for teasing him earlier

  • Okay dumbass, (me) it shouldn't take three times to realize the same frakkin' thing is going happen when I hit the down arrow...nothing

  • And people say I'm smart

  • DQ is working himself into a frenzy already this morning

  • I'm thinking it was a carryover from yesterday's drama, Drama, DRAMA

  • Grilltech scored massive Grandpa points yesterday by giving Babybird her own cell phone

  • I don't know why he's drilling right next to my bay, but I want him to stop

  • Another sign of a bad economy? Only SEVEN rolls of TP in one stall!!

  • Did I mention I left my aspirin at home?

  • OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, the Queen of the Dumbass has returned

  • I clicked and the computer said, delete the linked skill? OKAY!!

  • Don't have the slightest clue how I did it, I wasn't even on the application when I clicked

  • What? We're still tanking and it’s the end of the month with no way to recover?

  • Picture a farm yard full of chickens running around

  • Did I mention we passed a coyote on the way in to work this morning?

  • Oh yea, I left aspirin at home

  • Dude, English. I don't speak Gnome

  • Okay, that was mean and uncalled for

  • Oh, I'd better sign my tax paperwork

  • Now I have cats, I guess their better then cow-orkers


Galad said...

Sounds like a crazy day. It gave me a headache just reading about it. Hope you got your aspirin and some relaxation time tonight.

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- that was a BAD DAY sort of list... I hope you've recovered by now!