List Day!

  • There was ONE car at the bar this morning!

  • I think it's because everyone was hung-over from Tuesday night, because the parking lot was fully Wednesday morning

  • I passed five (!) boy's in blue on the way into work

  • To be fair only two were driving, the other three was busting someone

  • The body of the pink blog is bound off, but it's not centered, so I'll need to put it back on the needles

  • Database update must be completed, the system isn't jerky any more

  • Down side to knitting socks on 12 inch needles? The heel

  • I keep thinking today is Friday

  • I've found it's easier to knit backwards with these small needles, then purl back

  • Not only am I thinking it's Friday, but I'm thinking it's the 15th

  • These needles aren't the best for measuring. This sock is eight inches long instead of the normal seven

  • Yesterday, Grilltech brought home two chocolate covered strawberries... yummy!

  • Day is mostly over

  • I've almost finished the heel on the IKL sock

  • The mail server on the other computer keeps bouncing

  • I'll be training people later this morning

  • Duke Nukem haven't played that game in forever!

  • Course when we started playing it, our CPU was a 486; and a friend had to come over to help re-write the config.sys for an extra 2KB of RAM

  • We can start wearing jeans all the time

  • Hmmm, now I'm torn: jeans are comfortable but I have a bunch of dressy clothes that currently fit

  • I've broken my cheap-ass hematite ring for those keeping track: Grilltech 5; Me: 2

  • A total of seven lost or broken rings for 19 years is pretty good

  • Now I'm wondering if it really is a good thing

  • I broke down and had a blackberry pie

  • Its Grilltech's fault... I was getting him a soda and wouldn't have seen it

  • Okay, I was weak and was going to get something from the vending machine; it just happened to be a fruit pie

  • I've almost completed the heel on the IKS Sock

  • They're eating nachos here and my mouth is watering

  • My stomach on the other hand is quite full and thinks eating would be a bad idea

  • Writing documentation is about as exciting as watching paint dry

  • There was one car at the bar on the drive home

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- lots to chat about--including GO GIRL on the jeans and new stuff! I'm down my second ring--Mate's only down one. I like that you don't sweat the small stuff--the ring ain't the thing, it's the being that's the thing!