Sugar Rush

This morning, I turned the alarm off, rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up at 0315 a good 30 minutes later than normal. ACK!! I was only fifteen minutes late to work, amazingly enough. The thought of calling in sick did cross my mind. Warm bed, cats draped everywhere and Grilltech to snuggle with. But I didn't, I'm here at work - gym bag still on the coffee table, I'm freezing, one non-diet soda drank, and a package of Zinger's eaten. All in the hopes I'll be more alert. It's not helping. So I've got a full tummy and a strong desire to crawl under the desk to nap. Nap, too nice of a word for it. Sleep, snoring to the rafters and drool on the pillow kind of sleep.

It must be the lack of sleep that is making time odd. Not that I'm complaining - does it sound like I'm complaining? Usually when I'm crunching the numbers, I get way more knitting done. It seems like the reports are running faster or I've been knitting slower. Either way, the day is going and in a couple more hours, it will be over.

I'm thinking I'll go home get the gym bag and run to the other Gold's. Don't quite like the newer one, it’s too open sunny bright I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's all those descriptors. I prefer the enclosed feeling of my gym. Makes me feel like I'm on a space ship. The other one makes me think I'm out side. I hate being out side.

Anyway, I've turned the heel on the IKS Sock. Will be picking up the gusset. I left stitch markers at home (along with a bunch of other things I'd like to have brought with me). So I'll be making some markers out of yarn. I suppose I could use my earrings. I

decided to go with the earrings. I won't accidently knitting them into the sock. When I get home, I can swap them out for real stitch markers.

Walked around the building twice during break. It seems to have helped wake me up somewhat. That was until I sat down and started working. Eye lids are heavy and droopy again.

The other pool wasn't that exciting. I'll keep going to the regular gym.

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Amy Lane said...

Ugh-I hate that feeling of being late! I only use stitch markers occasionally--I usually just 'remember'--which means I spend a lot of time going back and finding the original anomaly and counting up!