You know it's bad when...

A phone call to the Eldest to wish her happy birthday goes something like this:

Me: Happy Birthday!
Her: Hmmm thanks, but it was yesterday.
Me: No, it's today. (Frantically looking at a calendar, because I don't want to be voted Worst. Mommy. Evah.)
Her: I know my birthday, you even wished me a good one on facebook.
Me: I did?
Her: Yes!
Me: Oh, I really wanted to make sure....

There is no way to recover from that. I wouldn't make a very good Temporal Witch (or Time Lord).

We're back

We made it back last night. Today was a slow relaxing day trying to get everything caught up before going back to work.

And we're off!

Okay, we'll be off soon as the kids get here...

List Day Double Shot

  • Counted elven cars at the bar this morning
  • The moon was obscured by clouds this morning
  • I've got seven more hours before my day is over
  • The sweater is off the needles!
  • But it's a size too small for me, so Perky is getting it
  • She wants a zipper in it, so she's going to need to talk her Grandmother into sewing it in
  • I've been poking around looking for patterns, I think I found one I can replicate
  • Now, I've just gotta wind the skeins
  • And swatch...
  • Watched Battle LA, really enjoyed it
  • Good night all!

List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • The moon was almost full and low on the western horizon
  • I've been watching Daria, the best line ever? I don't have low self esteem, I have low esteem of others
  • Grilltech says, I'm very much her
  • Roxie posted a really sweet link of nesting eagles
  • Today's sunrise is very bright & clear and back to about 0800
  • Stupid daylight savings
  • I'll be happy when this week is over, I can't seem to do anything right
  • Okay, the rush of why hasn't this been done seems to be over
  • I'm glad this week is mostly over


Happy Pi Day everyone.

I enjoyed coconut cream.


It's a gray day, we're waiting for the rain to start.

Fran doing quality control checks.

What does all of this become?

An Angry Bird...

What else have I been working on?

A sock for me.


I'm feeling much better this week. Yesterday was a good day. Heck, I can't really even complain much about Monday - other than the fact it was Monday. In a little less than two week's we're going on vacation. Look out Roxie, Perky and I will be in town soon.

In other news:
  • I have been knitting, but don't have pictures
  • I did go back to bed on Friday
  • The car is up and running again and didn't cost the GPA of a small country!
  • After 14 days of not getting on the Wii, I didn't gain weight
  • The real test will be today, because I do think machines lie

It's Been One of Those Week's

Ended up with the plague cold that's been going around the area. So when I was feeling 100 times better, then all of a sudden, my nose wouldn't quit running. I knew I required medical and the person seeing me agreed.

Training is done. I can do it, just not so sure I've got the paranoia she has. Is it paranoia or self preservation? Maybe its a knife's edge of both.

This morning, I didn't want to get up. Could have turned the alarm off and drifted back off to sleep. (I was dreaming I was hiding from a serial killer in a department store. A very fearful dream, but sure beats getting up.) Instead we got up and did the usual routine of drop him off, while I go pick up Friday's breakfast. Because they make it fresh, I turn the car off - it's quite the wait at times.

Only. The. Car. Won't. Start. GAH!

Call Grilltech then I call Convert. Grilltech calls me. The cook comes and pushes the car out of the middle of their drive thru. Eat breakfast, because I've got nothing better to do. After 15 minutes, I try the car again.

It works! =^.^=

Call Grilltech who promptly tells me take it home!

Can I go back to bed?