List Day Double Shot

  • Counted elven cars at the bar this morning
  • The moon was obscured by clouds this morning
  • I've got seven more hours before my day is over
  • The sweater is off the needles!
  • But it's a size too small for me, so Perky is getting it
  • She wants a zipper in it, so she's going to need to talk her Grandmother into sewing it in
  • I've been poking around looking for patterns, I think I found one I can replicate
  • Now, I've just gotta wind the skeins
  • And swatch...
  • Watched Battle LA, really enjoyed it
  • Good night all!


Roxie said...

And so goes a Friday. I enjoy thses lists.

Battle LA was worth watching? Might get DH there then.

Bummer about the sweater. Quelle domage! Perky is too lucky for words.

Looking forward to your advent here.

Sandra said...

Sure you meant eleven, but I wanna believe in elven cars...

Amy Lane said...

Battle LA-- REALLY want to go see!