You'll find it funny....

Anxiety dreams. They come in various flavors; but two basic types. The I'm looking for something, but can't find it. The some one or thing is chasing me. The chasing and/or hunting dreams usually take place in a hotel or on the freeway. The hotel is huge with many elevators, escalators, and stairs. There are multiple lobbies are on different floors. The windows are large and I'm not really sure what they look over. The elevators have the rows of buttons that go on forever. The best part? The hotel is a giant oak tree. The freeway? A nightmare of clover leafs and off/on ramps that cross lanes of traffic which may be bumper to bumper or not. Of course what ever I want is usually the hardest place to reach in a vehicle.

The hunting for someone or items usually take place in a school and/or gas station. The school is a generic school which can be found in any large city. Three or four floors, rooms filled with students and teachers; and lockers as far as the eye can see. I can never find my locker or when I do find it I can't remember the combination. When the locker does open, the book I want is never there. I can't find the class room I want, The combination of events can be pretty endless, but you get the idea.

Last night's dream? Started out in a school, but it wasn't normal. My knitting was missing and I was hunting through the world largest stash for my knitting. A first for me.

The mallard sweater has grown another couple of rounds. I still have many inches to go. I'm not measuring until I'm somewhat closer to the desired length. It's really starting to turn out well. The shawl. OMG. It's almost my new crack!! I'm almost done with the second chart, well about half way with the second chart. The colors remind me of the incredible sunrises and sunsets; orange, yellow, pink, and purple. It's just lovely. I can't do much of anything else but watch the pattern while working on the shawl. I'll bring it on the trip because I'd like to believe I'll have time to work on it. It won't make a good car project. However the mallard sweater will.

Grilltech and I work together. He's on one side of the building and I'm on the other, so it's a good thing. We can car pool and save money. During breaks and lunches if I have time, I'll go sit with him and chat up co-workers. So I was surprised when Grilltech told me, about a conversation he had with one of the guys. Add Knittech your friends list, she can answer your question. The cow-orker responds with but I don't know her last name! Yea...

Off to the 7th level

and now for something completely different: (thanks Amy it's nice to know I'm going to the 7th level....)

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Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
Level 7 (Violent)Extreme
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)High

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Short but Sweet

No knitting last night, instead there was a compulsion to play crack. Today, I should knit... yeah, knit. I can play crack tomorrow.

A quick post

Last night I managed to get about four or five rounds completed on the mallard sweater. The pattern is mine. Which is why I kept bitching about the math. I'd change something, on any of the panels then the calculations would be off. I'd have to try and get the numbers to where I needed them. Originally there was going another panel of the trinity stitch, between the center and the braid. Then I got the bright idea of less is more and decided to use the trinity for filler instead. Which made me have to put the numbers back to the original and I still had to add a total of six stitches. I'm enjoying the pattern and once you have it in your head, it's pretty simple to remember. I'm not quite doing the middle one correctly, but keep it between you, me and the fence post.

IT was a busy day at work. A good thing, because I'd rather be home knitting. It's towards the end of the day and I'm slacking, but don't tell the Gnome.

I've got pictures!!

I started on peacock feathers shawl last night. I'm sooo pleased with. I made it up to row 28 then had to rip back because of count issues. It only shows before the marker. So I have to read from left to right after reading right to left. For some reason I was not getting it the first time around. I did make it to for 31 before I went to bed. I was thinking I started at the bottom and worked up to the top, but its the other way around. (Not the best picture in the world, but it is a picture.)

Here is a picture of my sweater. It's not much at this point. I figure I'll work on the sweater on odd days and the shawl on even days. Or whatever I feel like at the time.

Mute is my friend. I should be sure it's on before I start talking to someone else about other work stuff. On a conference call with the big fish. I try to keep a low profile on that call. Answer any questions they may have if it's directed at me. Oops. Co-worker is laughing at me. (He's a co-worker, not a cow-orker.)

It's been a day

OMG. Got into work this morning and a couple of things were broken. Broken, that's really an understatement. I had barely been logged in two minutes when I was thrown a question I didn't answer correctly. Thankfully, the guy who asked knew what to do and sent everyone scrambling, including me. He's been quizzing all morning, some I can answer, others cause me to have the blank look of terror. On the plus side, two hours down, it's break time.

Ran into Trainee in the bathroom. Her current has been shipped off to Iraq, she's not happy about him being gone. Which is funny, because to hear her talk, she wasn't happy when he was here.

Yeah, I'm a dumbass. for the past 3.5 hours I've been looking at one site only, not all three. Its going to be a day. But it does explain why I've been able to get through looking at people so quickly.

On a positive note, I've finished the heel on my sock. I didn't work on my sweater last night, instead I played crack.

Manic Monday

  • I'd rather be sleeping.

  • It was hot last night and for some reason I was dreaming about eggs needing to be incubated.

  • I have about six inches of my sweater completed.

  • I've added a skein of yarn already.

  • J thought I was working on Grilltech's sweater, but I'm not.

  • The shawl keeps calling me to start it.

  • I haven't started it because the first sheet is in the weight room and I'm too lazy busy to go back and get it.

  • The weight room has been emptied of the kid's boxes, so we can start using it again.

  • We watched Jumpers yesterday. There are a bunch of holes in the plot you can drive a truck through.

  • Yes, I know the difference between a truck and a pickup.

  • Since I'm going to be in the weight room, I might as well grab the front page of the shawl.

  • 45 minutes to go and I've hit the wall.

  • We've got to stop by the bank so I can get the title for the white car.

  • 13 minutes to go. I can do this.

  • I'm almost ready to turn the heel on my sock.

  • When I asked how the high beams worked on the new car, Grilltech wanted to know why I was going to be flashing my boobs to on coming traffic.

It's Friday!!

I am the meanest mommy in the world! Last night I called Perky and let her know her socks where done. She said she'd come get them. I told her, it's okay she can get them Friday. She came over anyway. Looking back it was my fault, because I called her. So Perky and Kommadant came over and bring their shiny new computer. The new computer won't be able to get onto the network until Grilltech adds the Mac to the accepted list of users on the router. Since he was busy writing a paper which is due on Friday and he was quickly moving from yeah, I can write 750 words in three hours to OMG!! What time is it? I booted the kids. Perky wasn't happy and stomped out of the house without saying goodbye. So, MIL if Perky didn't post, it's my fault.

Oh yea, we bought a gently used car last night. I sold my white car to the Eldest and wouldn't tell Perky how much I sold it for; which made her a bit crabby also. I'll need to get my stuff transferred into the new car, so they can take the white one home this weekend. Eldest's husband wanted to know what was wrong with the car. Just a few minor annoyances. A couple of things that will need to be addressed before they become problems. But better then what they drive now and can fit everyone in the vehicle.

As I said earlier, I finished Perky's socks. Yeah, I forgot to get pictures. I'll blame the lack of camera for this issue. I started a pair for me. Grilltech wants to know when I'll get around to making him a pair of clogs. I gave him the blank cl-ogs look. He left me alone at that point. I guess I should get around to making them for him.

I managed another couple of rounds on the sweater last night. The markers have been removed. So now it's pay attention to what you're doing Knittech or you're going to be swearing more then ever at the sweater. Which makes Grilltech crazy, because he doesn't like listening to me swear and say fun things like I can't count.

Tonight is knit and eat at the LYS. I went to the store last night and picked up some vegetables to make pasta salad. Then I forgot to pick up the pasta. I can be such a dorkfish at times. So I'll be going to the store to get the pasta. Perky wants me to pick her up, so she can come tonight.

Houston, we have lift-off!

Math is done. I've even completed four rounds on my sweater. I feel so much better. Don't believe me? I've got pictures. Well, I could have pictures. Grilltech would hafta take the pictures, then e-mail them to me, so I can post them. Besides, it's nothing but 2.5 inches of ribbing with a couple rounds of pattern that can't be seen very well yet. I'll post pictures when there is more to show off.

I've started the toes on Perky's sock. It should be done today because Grilltech has a doctor's appointment today. Which means I'll be leaving 30 minutes early. A good thing, because I'm tired of staying until 1430. There's a sentence that isn't right. I'm tired of staying until 1430. Must be the job.

Slim Knitting

I didn't work on the sweater last night. Instead I decided I wanted to change my buffers from moss to bramble stitch. Which means, you guessed it, I've got to redo the math. I know, I know, stop doing last minute changes and knit the damn thing. I want it to be right, because if I'm going to put all the work into the sweater, it had better be what I really want.

Yes, I did increase my stash. But I didn't spend that much.

and now for something completely different... (Thanks Carrie Penny)


As a 1930s wife, I am

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I'm back... and a me-me

For the past three years, my birthday present has been going to Nevada and gambling. We do okay; budget how much we can lose and have fun. This year, the youngest and her husband came with us. She was bored and decided she wanted to play slots. She looks older then she is, a good thing at times. She lost about 50 bucks. I did well. At one point I was up to 500; ended up cashing out at 345. I'd give people money so they'd go away and leave me alone. What do you think I did when I was done gambling? Yip, I'm a knitter.... (That's Perky's second sock.) While knitting, three ladies walked by and one said ahh, I should bring mine down....

I didn't drive, so I had four-five hours of prime knitting time. I made Dad a hat for Father's day. He really liked it and wants a burgundy one. It's a fairly quick knit, so I can most likely do three or four more for Christmas.

My sweater. I was ready to put it in time out and I've only completed the ribbing on it!! Swatch, check. Cast on, check. Count twice, check. Complete ribbing, check. Do the math for the pattern. Count again, check. Swear loudly, check, check, CHECK!

I'm unable to figure out how 12 extra stitches showed up. Redo the math. Count the pattern out, it's not working. Swear some more. Check the math. It's correct. Recount. It's back to the original number. Swear more. Put the sweater down and consider taking up stamp collecting.

Redo the math - again. Count the pattern out. This time, I don't stop at the half way mark. Do the whole thing. Off by one. Figure I can live with that. Put the sweater down. Come back ten minutes later. Recount. Find one section with an extra stitch, move them all down. Put sweater down, and do the happy dance. Maybe today, I'll get around to starting the pattern.

I've started the toe on Perky's second sock. Which means I'll be starting another set here soon. I'll need to decide how or what I want to do with them. I'm thinking I might want to knit myself a pair of anklets. I'm liking the tofuies, it's a nice summery yarn. It's starting to get warm, too warm to wear the wool socks.

I'm in meeting hell, pray for me guys....

And now for something completely different: (A Me-me Tag from Amy)

You have been meme-tagged. Pick up the nearest book. Open on page 123. Find the fifth sentence. Post the next three sentences. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

I'm not even reading this book, someone left it at the movie theater and I couldn't stand to see it abandoned. Title: The King's Buccaneer by Raymond E Feist

To the southwest, a giant plume of black somke rose into the sky, a terrible sign of destruction. The old mercenary said, "At least half the town, from the look of it."

Without comment, Garret resumed his trot and the others fell in behind.

Tag: Grilltech, Red, Trish, and Lenya

Random Stuff

  • The down side to coming in at 0600? I don't get the parking spot next to the door.

  • I stayed up late last night, playing crack.

  • Today, my eyes feel like sandpaper.

  • I completed one set of gloves, have one half finished and three (?) more pairs to go.

  • I picked up some royal blue wool last night, so I can make Dad a hat for Father's day.

  • I figure it will give me something basic to work on in the car.

  • I'm starting to feel better, cube mates can hear me now from across the bay if I try.

  • Honestly, I don't try.... often.

  • It's Friday!!

  • A friend is upset her soon to be ex-husband is already planning on getting married.

  • Its Friday!! Well, it is for Grilltech and I...

  • A short mini-skirt and knee high black boots just walked by my desk.

  • I had some bizarre dreams last night: an outside call center and a heliocopter which flipped onto it's side, causing the rotors to be driven deep into the ground. It was fine, other then it was on it's side.

  • I have a doctor's appointment on Monday. I don't think I can loose 50 pounds by then.

  • It's Top Chef night.

  • When I learned to type, after each sentence it was proper to put in two spaces. Is that still in practice?

  • Amy I picked chocolate.

  • I guess in order to loose 50 pounds, I'd have to make an effort at it. It's just easier to knit.
  • The alarm on my PDA is loud.

  • Hitting Logout, instead of refresh would be bad.

  • I should have brought something to pull the rest of my hair back with, it's warm in here.

  • Drinking hot tea, doesn't make it any cooler.

  • Trainee, quit bitching that he's asking you to schedule events for people. It's your job.

  • Day is half over!!!

  • They have a pool at the hotel, do you think I could get a handsome pool boy to feed me peeled grapes?

  • My left hand itches. Is that money or family? I can't remember.

  • Okay, it wasn't a mini skirt, it was down to her knees - barely. But she still stomps like an elephant.

  • The Yarn Harlot's birthday is the same as my older brother's.

  • My birthday is tomorrow!

  • Note to self: in the future if there are two groups which have the same name (kinda) be sure to seperate in the e-mail; because the subject line isn't good enough. Bastards!

  • Oh pool-boy! I'd like a long island iced tea, please.

  • The Gnome walked by and said, I don't sound any better. But I do feel better.

  • Oh yea, I came in a 0600, 0800 isn't halfway point of the day...

  • But 1130 is more then half the day over!!

  • One of the guys who I went through training with left about six - eight months ago. He's back.

  • He was gone a year and a half!!

  • I need to burn a music CD for tomorrow's trip tonight.

  • I'm starting to get sleepy. Do you think it would be noticed if I put my head on the desk and napped for a bit?

  • Remember this?

  • Yea, you're welcome.

  • Fine. How about this one?

  • Friday is causal day at work. I'll miss it.

  • Less then an hour to go, before the weekend starts.

Me Whining

Yesterday I ended up falling a sleep, while trying to knit. I went off and took a nap until 1600. Grilltech came and woke me up and I sure didn't want to get out of bed. Perky and Kommandant came over for dinner last night. Since I was so out of it, I had them order and pay. We won't talk about how I gave them the money to pay for dinner.

I did get a couple more rounds completed on the last glove. I figure about two, maybe three, more hours and it will be done. I'll need to dig through the stash for the trim, then in the mail they'll go.

The Gnome walked by and asked if I'd move my schedule to 0700, I negotiated to 0600. Grilltech and I can car pool for several days now. It saves a few $$.

I e-mail the post home and copy then paste to publish. I hit copy, then paste, yesterday's post came up. Oopies.

It's Ovah!

I'm having a hard time staying awake this morning. If I close my eyes for anymore then a blink, I'll start nodding off which could be bad, if the boss walks by and finds me sleeping. There are moments of it's so hot in here, how can I keep from nodding off? And then ooh, cool air from the heavens.

I'm working on the sixth pair of gloves. I'm not sure I'll have it finished before it needs to be up to the parents. They all need to have the eyelash (funfur) trim put on. When these ones are completed, it's my sweater time!

Today was S-L-O-W at work. And thankfully it wasn’t just me. The guy next to me was bitching about how long the day was taking also. When the shift ended, I was out the door like a flash. Good grief, the traffic home was a nightmare. It’s noon on a Monday people!! Shouldn’t you all be at work?!

I pull up to the house and I can see a big blue bag on the porch. Great, Dad dropped stuff off, instead of calling so he could pick up the gloves. Turns out it was empty bottles for Grilltech. Guess Dad hasn't stopped by yet.

The kitties come running to greet me. Uggy was demanding to be petted. Peaches and Sabrina want me out of the doorway, so they can go out. Because us humans are nothing more then their staff. And Fran the White Kitty decides she wants in. Except she’s no longer white kitty but black – her front paws, under her chin. I don’t know where she goes and plays, but I wish she’d pick someplace cleaner.

I guess I should go work on the gloves, but I just don’t really feel like it.

Random Stuff

  • I stayed up until 2030 last night, I didn't want to get up this morning.

  • So far, things have been pretty calm around here.

  • We spent $242.00 getting the car tuned up. Oh and here is a laundry list of things which will need to be addressed at some point in time.

  • New Mantra? I can fix it right now, but the supervisor needs to put in an update...

  • I forgot to look at the bar's parking lot on the drive in.

  • I'm easily distracted today.

  • I can't seem to focus.

  • I'm going to knit after work.

  • Because of my new job, I'm not getting as much blog reading done. Bastards!

  • I didn't knit much last night either.

  • I reloaded the music on my card for the palm pilot last night.

  • It's Friday and the day is almost over.

  • Mornings seem to be the worst; unless something breaks.

  • New tools can be confusing. Some are s-l-o-w.

  • When I said the day is almost over, it was 0545.

  • Now it's 1132, and the day is really almost over.

  • I had to spend 15 frustrating minutes to get the #@!$% music program to find the newly loaded music.

  • Sometimes the supervisors win, other times I do.

  • It's weird, we're suppose to be on the same team, but they use a different language then we do.

And now for something completely different: (Thanks Amy)

Your Power Element is Metal

Your power colors: white, gold, and silver

Your energy: contracting

Your season: fall

You are persistent (and maybe even a little bit stubborn).

If you see something you want, you go for it.

You have a lot of strength, and it's difficult to get you down.

Very logical, you tend to analyze everything going on in your life.

Halo 2

Instead of my random thoughts, here is the photo of today's sky:

Yea, now I'm wishing I knew where the camera was.

A list

Gift ideas:

  • Blocking wires

  • More Big Girl Knits

  • Moonstone jewelry (any)

  • I'm at work, listening to a conference call where I only understand about half of what is being said. Its very technical and I'm trying hard to follow along, but it's not easy.

    Then all hell broke loose and that was the end of blogging for today.

    Very Little Knitting Post

    We still don't have a camera, so no pictures of finished - well mostly finished - gloves. I still have one more black to finish, heck start. I'll most likely get two more pairs completed before the parental units come to pick them up.

    Perky tried on her sock and was happy how it fit. Darn it! I'm about ready to turn the heel on the second one. I'll then make myself a set. I like how the socks are turning out. Which is a very good thing; because I have about three or four skeins of the yarn in the stash.

    The weekend was pretty good. On Saturday, Grilltech, Perky and I went out to breakfast. We dropped Grilltech off and then we went to Hastings. I picked three more tubes of Burt's Bees, the flavor I like because no one else in town carries it. While we were there I found a set of three books which look interesting, but were $$. Perky calls the bookstore next to where Kommandant works. Turns out they had all three of the books and they were used, so they would be cheep, cheep cheap, cheap.

    From there we went to the LYS on that side of town. I don't go over there often, because it's not as friendly as the one I hang out at. I picked up the second book of Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting. A good thing, because I had lent my copy of stitch patterns to the Eldest. She later called and wanted to know where she could pick up the book for herself. I told her she could keep it. They also have the first book. I may go back or send Grilltech there to pick it up.

    After the LYS, Perky and I went to have our eye brows done. I went to pay, and the card didn't work. Huh?! I had been using the thing all morning and it just won't read any more? So they slide it again. Same thing, card error. Crappy. Perky steps up and pays. Sure, her card works fine.

    We wander down to the book store, and I hunt through the knitting books to see if they have some I might want. They don’t, so I ask if they can order More Big Girl Knits*. They couldn't because they're distributor doesn't carry it. But they can get a copy of Knitter's Almanac. Since it's a special order, they want it pre-paid. I pull out the card and they run it. Again, the card errors. Frag. Perky pays, but makes them switch the order to her name, and she gets a better discount then what I had.

    We go to the bank; I get some cash to pay Perky back. While we're there I order a new card. The guy tells me, your old card will be deactivated. No, really?! It's not working now, so I don't think it's going to be a problem.

    Sunday we spent the day catching up on taped shows and watching movies. We taped the Andromeda Strain. I was a bit disappointed in the show, it left me with more questions then anything else. I won't even go into the paradox it created. Lost had some good moments. Sun whether she knows it or not, was taught by her father well. She'll get her blood. I am a bit curious to know if Jin is really dead. It did happen after the island left, but even after Michael left, he couldn't be killed. We watched Next with Nicholas Cage. I liked it. There were spots where I wasn't sure if it his power or him, until you see it pull back. They could easily make a second one where they left off at. I don't think it's going to happen.

    One would think I'd figure out, the left's mouse will not work on the right's computer. I think I should invent a mouse that will work on.... (I stopped because I came up with a freaking!! brilliant idea.)

    * Good present idea.