Tuesday, May 30

Its been a while since I last posted, guess I'd better get around to doing updates. I have my up and down days, just like everyone else does. We BBQed one Sunday and Monday. It was just Mike and I on Sunday, country style pork ribs. Had a house full of people on Monday, then we played two games. It was a lot of fun.

Finished the sleeves for Joyce's sweater. Working on the fronts now. Instead of the plain stockenette, I kept one cabling going up the front. It's turning out very nicely, makes me wish I had done the same thing for mine.

I've started the heel on Mike's last biohazard sock. Not sure what I'm going to work on next, most likely Dad's fathers day gift. A pair of plain socks.

I'm glad the day is over. Kept waiting for calls at the beginning of the day, by the end, I was praying for them to stop. Made it to the gusset on Mike's sock.

Friday, May 19

Strange dreams last night. Remember walking down Chinden in the pre-dawn (or was it post-sunset) darkness. I was searching for something, but couldn't remember what it was. I stopped at a store, I think they sold clothing. Next thing I know, I'm on the floor. The staff is concerned, they seem to know me. I look in the mirror and my appearence is shocking. My long blonde hair is gone, in it's place is a short spikey purple. My face is thin and angeluar. All traces of plumpness is gone. They call me, Izzy, but I know that's not my name. All I have is my clothes and three receipts.

I think that would make a great short story. Now all I need is the the ending of the story. I figure out who I am?

The day is close to being over. Can't wait. It's Friday and I'll get to sleep in tomorrow.

Thursday, May 18

Day one

Don't have enough yarn to finish Mike's sock. He's suppose to be bring me the next skien, but he's not here yet. Found some sites about Russian joins, looks easy enough.

Day two

Mike dropped off the yarn yesterday. Did the Russian join. Love it!! Can't even tell where the joint is, unless I'm feeling it. I'm working on the toes. Should have sock number one completed today and start on number two. There is a job posting for a QA person. I'm wondering if I would be able to work the job. I'm so excited, I can visit knitty from work again. Now I have
some interesting reading I can do.

Monday, May 15

It's been a while since I've posted. On Saturday night, we went star gazing. The moon was a lovely peach color and three times its normal size. It was beautiful to watch. Saw one metor, it was right above my head.

Today I'm whiny and not feeling well. Wanted to tell a customer to quit-your-bleeping-whining. I didn't, so that's a good thing. Went and cried at my supervisors desk instead. Sick and not feeling well, trumps all.

Bought our tickets to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Didn't know the tickets when on sale on Friday the 12th. So our tickets was purchaced on Sunday. We most likely have nose bleed seats, but we're going. Jess is so excited. I requested the next day off, so I can sleep in and let my ears recover.

I could very easily curl up and drift off to sleep. The pain meds are a wonderful thing, but I'm not able to think very well while on them. That will be my excuse if I'm QAed.

Dr's appointment tomorrow. Starting to get a bit impatient. Wonder if I'll have stress dreams (still).

Thursday, May 04

Mike's bio-hazard socks are coming right along. Didn't think I could do charts at work, but I haven't missed anything yet. My parents stopped by last night. Dad was bit crabby and drugged up. Christy came over and we walked. It was nice to do something other then sit around and knit. (No heresay intended.)

Talk about your small worlds. Just got off the phone with a customer who was born and raised in the place I graduated from. She had graduated in 1979 and mine was in 1985. She baby sat the guy I dated when I lived up there when he was little. Talk about funny.

Wednesday, May 3

I've just been off all day. First by 15 minutes, I thought break should have been at 8, but it was at 8:15. Then by 30 minutes, I went to lunch at 10, instead of 10:30. (sigh)

I finished my footlet, only to find, I've stopped to early and it's about 1/4 shorter then the first one. I'll just make another two and call it good. I've decided to start on Mike's bio-hazard socks. These ones will fit better then the other ones. :)

This day is just dragging this afternoon. The it should be almost three right now, but it's only two.

Last call of the day, and I'm <..> this close to going home. Can't wait.

Monday, May 1

Work isn't to bad today, just feel pretty bad. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'll be late to work. Mike called in sick today. He said he wasn't feeling well.

I've joined my sock, just working towards the toe. Now I'm taking time out to write this short entry. Next I'll start working on my level five certification. Better get it done.