1000 Words

My supervisor for this photo shoot:

A scarf for Grilltech

Swatch for my sweater

Glove for parents to sell

Grilltech's cursed sock, yes, there is a story there but I'll tell it later

Remember the peacock shawl?

I ripped it out. Will try again later.

It's not a good idea to...

....take first place on the board when you've never done the event before. The other players get crabby, especially when they've been practicing and own it.

New High Score...

I decided to take a minute and play basic soccer on the Wii. 525 points later, I'm number one. #@$% two misses...

List Day!

  • There were only two cars at the bar this morning
  • The full moon was breath taking
  • But then full moon's usually are
  • Today is SandTech's birthday
  • Sunday is Grilltech's
  • It has been getting almost downright cold in the building in the morning
  • It's 0905 and I'm still wearing my jacket
  • I keep walking by the board and thinking the date (09/XX/2010) is wrong
  • Thought it was October for some reason
  • I have over six gigs of music on the iPhone and this is the second time today I've heard this song
  • Not that's it's a bad song mind you, but there are a bunch of different ones I could be listening to
  • Perky decided she was going to show me who really rules the board
  • We watched Prince of Persia last weekend, thought it was sweet
  • Had to put my jacket back on, it's chilly
  • I need to find some dark green sock yarn to finish Grilltech's scarf
  • Called Twisted Ewe to see if they had more, but I don't think they do
  • She hasn't called me back yet
  • 40 minutes on the Wii is a killer

Why I Rule the Board....

I'm a child of the 80's. I cut my video gaming teeth on cutting edge games like Pong and Mario Bros. The kids have a Wii with a Wii Fit Plus - well they have Wii Fit, we picked up the plus. Anyway, the Wii really speaks to my I’m playing a video game! and I have high score, don’t really notice I’m exercising!. Shhh high score at stake here.

I've gotta say, I really, really like the Wii Fit Plus. Not only does it have the games, but additional benefits like it can design workouts for you. Harder games - WTF?! What do you mean I have to walk and pay attention to remote? That's crazy talk!! that not only work you body but mind as well. Hopefully it will keep me motivated to stay with an exercise program.

Oh and Perky... I'm eight steps away from taking over first place on Wii Step Plus Seriously? That's not me, but it would be awesome if it was.

List Day!

  • There was only one car at the bar this morning
  • Which is odd because Wednesday had five cars plus a bike
  • Today this system is dragging
  • I should save often
  • Grilltech is scheduled for Saturday out patient surgery
  • The day is almost over
  • My tooth is still a bit sore from Monday
  • I was asked if I can run across the park on Saturday, can I game?
  • He was told no...
  • I moved seats at work, but didn't set-up the computer before I left
  • Wow, Just Desserts

One of those days

Grilltech has a kidney stone. Not one of those run of the mill-average ones, but a 7mm one. Which means, Friday he's going to the doctor to have it removed.

More knitting time for me.

List Day!

  • I counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • I never realized, you'll need to go look yourself actually means yes, please email us to ask the same question I just answered
  • C1 (Computer 1) crashed hardcore and needed a manual shut down, which means, I lost quite a bit a data
  • You know, important things like a blog post (I write it in notepad then e-mail it home) and a SQL query I was in the middle of writing and hadn't saved
  • I was told not spam the support group with negative comments
  • I can see how making the statement calling the help desk is useless can be taken negatively
  • Maybe the guy on the other end shouldn't have said, we only create tickets and assign them
  • No knitting tonight, my arm is still sore
  • OMG!! Not work safe

1000 Words

Fran* loves her job.

It's not blocked yet, but the colors POP!

I started a swatch, but didn't like how it was turning out. I thought the cables was lost in the colors.
So it's been ripped back. I started another one in black...

It's blocking!!

Close up of the point.

Thankfully it's at the end of the season, so no birds were harmed in the defoliation of our yard. However, the butterflies were dive bombing everyone.

* She hid while the tree was coming down, because she is pretty smart.


This morning wasn't the best, thankfully I wasn't overly crabby or annoyed at the overall situation. Someone stole my chair, so I went down and traded for an icky chair, that's actually fairly comfortable. Couldn't get logged into the chat program. I went and changed my password, was able to get in after that. iTunes had an update come down, so I dutifully installed it. Now Outlook doesn't run, unless it's in safe mode. I'm hoping they - those guys in black suits - fix it soon. If I do the uninstall of the Apple Mobile Device fix, then I can't sync. I think that's my whining done and out of the way, but I might be wrong.

Donna Lee posted some pictures of the Whoopie Pies she made. (Okay she posted pictures of from Epicurious.) They good really good. I wonder how a cream cheese filling would work instead of using marshmallow. I'm not a real big marshmallow fan.

Grilltech and friends spent most of the day Sunday cutting down the tree in the front yard. (Go read about it on his blog.) I stayed in the house with SandTech and we played on the Wii*. While the tree was coming down, Grilltech was making ribs and chicken thighs. They turned out pretty tasty.

The server is also up and running, so I'll be able to post pictures. Because some people would like to see what I've been working on.

* Remember need to pick up size AA batteries and bring gum to work

List Day!

  • A day late, does that mean I lose 10% of the total grade? =^.^=
  • Drove a different route to work, so I don't know how many cars were at the bar
  • I hope my East coast friends are safe and doing well
  • They shut down East coast operations until noon today
  • They it conjures images of men in suits, dark glasses, ear pieces, guns and black helicopters
  • It's Friday before a three day weekend, it should be dropping off around here about noonish
  • Plus the whole hurricane thing...
  • I must be watching too much Food Network, because I'm having strange cooking dreams
  • The palm of my left hand is itching like mad
  • One of the songs from the Matrix Reloaded came up in queue, can totally see Neo kicking ass
  • Maybe it will be a Matrix weekend
  • Today is almost over... I'm so glad
  • The Gnome was awesome today, allowed me to cut out early
  • Had house burgers and pasta salad for dinner
  • The Eldest came over to show me her shawl project
  • Love the deep burgundy color
  • I still haven't picked up Grilltech's blanket
  • I started a simple scarf instead
  • Yea, I know, just how much do I have on the needles now?
  • I've been wearing my shawl at work, I also wore it tonight when we walked around the block
  • Meanest Wife in the World! Grilltech's not feeling well but I made him come with me anyway

Worst Mommy Ever!!

Fran has decided she hates me, because I held her down to brush her.