1000 Words

Fran* loves her job.

It's not blocked yet, but the colors POP!

I started a swatch, but didn't like how it was turning out. I thought the cables was lost in the colors.
So it's been ripped back. I started another one in black...

It's blocking!!

Close up of the point.

Thankfully it's at the end of the season, so no birds were harmed in the defoliation of our yard. However, the butterflies were dive bombing everyone.

* She hid while the tree was coming down, because she is pretty smart.


Roxie said...

The shawl is stunning! And I love it on top of the turquoise background. Damn, girl! You one fine knitter!

Fran clearly is the perfect fit for the job. And what a pretty girl she is!

Nifty nest!

Cables on black? In the winter? Are you nuts? There's a reason all those Aaran sweaters are white. It's to show off every stitch of your clever cabling and so you can SEE every stitch of those clever cables. You'll go blind working on black in the winter. But you go on and do whatever you like. I don't know everything.

Lovs2Knit said...

Gorgeous shawl! Cables in black yarn, that would kill me or at least drive me insane....not that I have far to go to get there. ;)

Fran really does appear to love to her job. She's such a pretty kitty.

Louiz said...

Gorgeous shawl:)

Amy Lane said...


Damn, baby-- that shawl is TOTALLY amazing! And the birdnest if PRECIOUS!!!