List Day!

  • A day late, does that mean I lose 10% of the total grade? =^.^=
  • Drove a different route to work, so I don't know how many cars were at the bar
  • I hope my East coast friends are safe and doing well
  • They shut down East coast operations until noon today
  • They it conjures images of men in suits, dark glasses, ear pieces, guns and black helicopters
  • It's Friday before a three day weekend, it should be dropping off around here about noonish
  • Plus the whole hurricane thing...
  • I must be watching too much Food Network, because I'm having strange cooking dreams
  • The palm of my left hand is itching like mad
  • One of the songs from the Matrix Reloaded came up in queue, can totally see Neo kicking ass
  • Maybe it will be a Matrix weekend
  • Today is almost over... I'm so glad
  • The Gnome was awesome today, allowed me to cut out early
  • Had house burgers and pasta salad for dinner
  • The Eldest came over to show me her shawl project
  • Love the deep burgundy color
  • I still haven't picked up Grilltech's blanket
  • I started a simple scarf instead
  • Yea, I know, just how much do I have on the needles now?
  • I've been wearing my shawl at work, I also wore it tonight when we walked around the block
  • Meanest Wife in the World! Grilltech's not feeling well but I made him come with me anyway


Roxie said...

A walk around our block is about a third of a mile. How big is your block, and how a mean a wife are you? Oh, and how did you make him do something he didn't want to do?

Amy Lane said...

Okay... that Matrix song is AWESOME! When I go walking, it's a little over a mile... Mate runs it. I waddle.