1000 Words

My supervisor for this photo shoot:

A scarf for Grilltech

Swatch for my sweater

Glove for parents to sell

Grilltech's cursed sock, yes, there is a story there but I'll tell it later

Remember the peacock shawl?

I ripped it out. Will try again later.


Donna Lee said...

I like the cursed sock. It reminds me of the bayerische socks (which have been cursed at many many times).

Mr. Shife said...

Looking good. And you have a pretty cool supervisor. BTW, Mrs. Shife loved your comment on my blog. She has been wanting a girl basset since forever.

Roxie said...

The scarf looks a bit - unfinished. Tell us the story of the cursed sock, grandma.

Amy Lane said...

wookit all the purty knitting! And yeah! I want to know about that cursed Battlestar Gallactica sock too!

emicat said...

I love that you have numerous projects going on at once. Grilltech's socks are looking awesome - what pattern is that?