List Day!

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Spent the past two days bitching I was cold
  • Last night, I put my USB blanket in Griltech's bag, today I'm warm!
  • Did 30 minutes worth of Wii last night, today I'm a tad sore
  • We're suppose to get lots of rain today
  • So far, it's only partly cloudy
  • About gave Grilltech a coronary at work today
  • Got home to no power in the neighborhood
  • Spilled diet peach Snapple in my bag
  • The cursed third second sock was spared
  • But the USB blanket wasn't


Mr. Shife said...

Damn Snapple bottles but it is not every day you can say the best stuff on Earth was spilled in your bag. It seems like the weather forecasts have been wrong all year so I guess I was not surprised by the lack of rain we received. Glad Grilltech did not have a coronary. Take care.

Amy Lane said...

Owww... oh the irony... handwashing... handwashing will do it...

Roxie said...

USB? I am so ignorant. Is it a sports team? A college? An abbreviation for something you have been working on for months and I'm just not making the connection?

And how did you almost give GrillTech a coronary?