#@$! Sock

Today's photos was supervised by Havoc. His hair is starting to grow out.

Fall has made it's way to our street. I love the colors.

Don't they look so cute and innocent laying there? Don't be fooled. These socks are pure evil.

I started them on size ones. Had one done to the heel flap, then tried it on my fore arm. It was way too tight. I had to rip it back. The leg was knit on size twos. They're now comfortable and will fit. I started the heel following the pattern (the pattern is suppose to go down to the turned heel), but I decided I didn't like how it was turning out. So ripped back the almost finished heel and did a typical slipped stitch heel.

I knew it would be close on the amount of yarn needed because there was an added repeat on the leg. So when the end of yarn showed up, it wasn't a total surprise. I wanted these socks done, so I used the dark green from the green shift scarf. It does look nice. (But don't tell the socks I said that!)

I was picking up the stuff and moving back to my desk. The sock bag felt odd. I reached in and found more black/gray yarn.

Not enough to do the entire toe, but that's not the point. Perky says the socks wanted to make sure they were included on the blanket.

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way: #@$! socks!


Roxie said...

They're done! and who, besides you and Grill Tech (and us, now) will know tht those socks have unmatched toes? They are freaking awesome!!

Is Havock one of the dogs of war? You know - "Cry Havock, and loose the dogs of war!"

emicat said...

They look great! And everytime you see the unmatched toes, you'll remember the story. But they're DONE! :)

Amy Lane said...

Well, I think "Cursed sock yarn" beats out "Cursed earth pizza!" for places and things I don't want to try! (But the socks look wonderful and not cursed, and the dog looks... well... adorable. How do you call that much cuteness Havoc?)