List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • There is so much smoke in the sky, our rising sun is pink - cooked salmon pink
  • My back is sore
  • I keep thinking today is Friday, it's really disappointing when I realize, it isn't
  • It's been chilly enough I've been wearing my fingerless mitts while working
  • Its so grey out there it looks like rain, the problem? That's smoke not clouds
  • I think I've mentioned that twice today
  • Upset the Convert, she went home in tears
  • Which also meant I had to have a conversation with the Gnome
  • Think I'm kidding about the air quality?
  • what part of delete all instances of the report, exit the program, go back in and re-run the reports, while holding down these two keys until you see the do-you-want-to-open-this-report translates into close the browser when the report comes up?
  • Tomorrow is the Equinox
  • Hopefully tonight I won't have to rip back cables... twice

1000 Words

It's been a busy weekend. I started and completed a hat.

Here is the back view.

Finished a washcloth.

The left side is the new scarf, the right the first one.

List Day

  • I counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Every man needs a set of Tank Slippers (RAV), too bad I'm to lazy to do anything about it
  • However, I think I need this awesome dress (Rav)
  • Convert is bitching complaining speaking her mind about how slow our current Lackey is when doing work
  • We might be working rich today
  • Anxiety dreams about knitting last night
  • Nothing worse than being caught cat napping in the sun beam, when I should be working
  • QMS audit today, I'm totally going to pretend they don't exist when they're in our area
  • We're having Stroganoff for dinner

PMS Monday

Wow, it's Monday and I've got a case of I-want-to-beat-them-to-death PMS. I'm glad it hit this morning, because Grilltech doesn't deserve me being so bitchy. Today's target appears to be the Lackey. Since I don't have any direct interaction with him, it might save his life.

I've decided on the hood scarf to re-knit it. Yes, I know I was two-thirds of the way done. The second skein was very bright compared to the first one and I couldn't live with the differences. So I'm knitting two rows, then switching colors. There is some lovely pooling going on. I'll get a picture posted soon(tm).

We dog sat Havoc while Perky and Kommadant went to pick up his Mother in Nevada. I think Perky wanted to go gamble all weekend, but didn't want me to know. GoJira has been hiding in our bathroom cupboard, much to Uggy's dismay. This morning Jira stuck her head out while Uggy was in visiting me. There was much hissing on Uggy's part before she flounced out.

1000 Words

Warning, lots of pictures. Which is okay, because I'll make up for by not having a lot of text to read. =^.^=

Down the street:

What have I been working on?

Pitted, peeled and sliced two huge boxes of peaches. I'll be getting a peach mead soon(tm).

I finished a baby sweater. The classic baby surprise jacket.

Grilltech and I trimmed the hedge. It took us both two days to finish. What you can't see is the pile goes on for another fifteen feet.

I'm back to working on my hooded scarf. I'm on the down hill side of knitting it.

It hasn't all been work, I did take some time to go to a going-out-of-business sale. Picked up more sock yarn for Grilltech.

I'm not quite sure what I'll build with these. Socks? Mitts? A cowl?

Enough Cascade 220 for sweaters.

Fran yelling you spent HOW much?!