List Day

  • I counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Every man needs a set of Tank Slippers (RAV), too bad I'm to lazy to do anything about it
  • However, I think I need this awesome dress (Rav)
  • Convert is bitching complaining speaking her mind about how slow our current Lackey is when doing work
  • We might be working rich today
  • Anxiety dreams about knitting last night
  • Nothing worse than being caught cat napping in the sun beam, when I should be working
  • QMS audit today, I'm totally going to pretend they don't exist when they're in our area
  • We're having Stroganoff for dinner


Roxie said...

Just because your eyes are closed, it doesn't mean that you're not working. And if a sunbeam happens to be there, well, so what? You were not caught napping unless you were snoring or drooling.

Galad said...

Great tank slippers but they look like a lot of work!

Donna Lee said...

I bought the tank slippers pattern for my girls to make for their SO. I think they're brilliant but too fussy for me to play around with.

I love the Snow White dress! I have no idea where I'd wear it (although I have a 6' pair of wings that I could wear with it and be a snow fairy) but it's beautiful.