List Day

  • Counted five cars at the bar this morning
  • There is so much smoke in the sky, our rising sun is pink - cooked salmon pink
  • My back is sore
  • I keep thinking today is Friday, it's really disappointing when I realize, it isn't
  • It's been chilly enough I've been wearing my fingerless mitts while working
  • Its so grey out there it looks like rain, the problem? That's smoke not clouds
  • I think I've mentioned that twice today
  • Upset the Convert, she went home in tears
  • Which also meant I had to have a conversation with the Gnome
  • Think I'm kidding about the air quality?
  • what part of delete all instances of the report, exit the program, go back in and re-run the reports, while holding down these two keys until you see the do-you-want-to-open-this-report translates into close the browser when the report comes up?
  • Tomorrow is the Equinox
  • Hopefully tonight I won't have to rip back cables... twice

1 comment:

Roxie said...

Not a good day, all in all. Hope you didn't need to rip back.

You made the convert cry? Bummer! Some people are just too sensitive.