1000 Words

Warning, lots of pictures. Which is okay, because I'll make up for by not having a lot of text to read. =^.^=

Down the street:

What have I been working on?

Pitted, peeled and sliced two huge boxes of peaches. I'll be getting a peach mead soon(tm).

I finished a baby sweater. The classic baby surprise jacket.

Grilltech and I trimmed the hedge. It took us both two days to finish. What you can't see is the pile goes on for another fifteen feet.

I'm back to working on my hooded scarf. I'm on the down hill side of knitting it.

It hasn't all been work, I did take some time to go to a going-out-of-business sale. Picked up more sock yarn for Grilltech.

I'm not quite sure what I'll build with these. Socks? Mitts? A cowl?

Enough Cascade 220 for sweaters.

Fran yelling you spent HOW much?!


Galad said...

Fran may criticize but will certainly appreciate the finished products :-)

Sandra said...

hedge trimmings look familiar - we have 20 foot cedars all around our lot...
love the sock yarns!
and peach mead sounds intriguing...

Amy Lane said...

Pretty yarn... nom... and Cascade 220 is the awesome-est!