PMS Monday

Wow, it's Monday and I've got a case of I-want-to-beat-them-to-death PMS. I'm glad it hit this morning, because Grilltech doesn't deserve me being so bitchy. Today's target appears to be the Lackey. Since I don't have any direct interaction with him, it might save his life.

I've decided on the hood scarf to re-knit it. Yes, I know I was two-thirds of the way done. The second skein was very bright compared to the first one and I couldn't live with the differences. So I'm knitting two rows, then switching colors. There is some lovely pooling going on. I'll get a picture posted soon(tm).

We dog sat Havoc while Perky and Kommadant went to pick up his Mother in Nevada. I think Perky wanted to go gamble all weekend, but didn't want me to know. GoJira has been hiding in our bathroom cupboard, much to Uggy's dismay. This morning Jira stuck her head out while Uggy was in visiting me. There was much hissing on Uggy's part before she flounced out.

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Donna Lee said...

I had the PMS last week. First it was the Eat All The Things and then it was Go Away And Leave Me Alone.

Thank goodness it's all over this week. I'm 54 for goodness sake. I should be done with all this mess!