Meanest Pet Guardian Evah!

I cleared the room of all pets in nothing flat.

I turned the vacuum cleaner on.

Friday Game Night Recap

DB - Human Mage
Norco - Human Mage
Happy - Troll Tank
Rico - Human Merc
Crayon - Human Decker
Hawk - Elf Gun Slinger

DB received a call from an old friend of his, asking if he wanted some work. DB being short on funds, accepted the job. He went and met his client at the downtown Seattle’s JAVA! Dolores Clayborne, his client, had her PDA stolen by her brother. Dolores supplied all the latest information she had: an IP address, where he worked, and his disconnected LTG number.

DB went to Trideo Memories and talked to the owner. Turns out James "Bender" Clayborne had been fired about a month ago. A dead end there, but DB did find out Bender hung out with a guy named Fry. At this point, DB realized he needed a hand he called the gang and told them he was looking for someone and would they help?

Crayon started looking on the matrix for the IP address. Every once in a while, he would get a ping, but the device wasn't staying on long enough for any critical information to be gathered other than general information on Redmond for the first ping. South side for the second.

Together the team went over to Bannock Arms apartment building to see if Bender's address was current. DB and Happy knocked on the door. They hear the “clink” of four locks opening and then the door opens two inches. The gleam of a door chain could be seen. A blonde woman, who was none too happy about being asked questions about Bender, let them know Bender usually hung out some place around 34th and Oak in town.

The group caravans over to Oak Street and Crayon narrows down which house on the block could be the one Bender is in. A family was playing in the front yard on the house next door. Two punks was sitting on the porch of the target house and the house to the on the left was quiet. Too quiet. Norco and Happy stayed at the car in front of the quiet house. Crayon and Rico stayed next to the car in front of the house with the family playing. After a few minutes of conversation, the group noticed they was being watched by someone who appeared to be quite young further down the street.

Finally Hawk and DB get out of the car and start walking towards the two punks on the porch. About half way up the broken sidewalk to the house, a battered Westwind slows down and a hail of bullets sweep Hawk and DB. Hawk goes down and DB takes a hit. Another hail of bullets sprays the area and this time a punk on the porch is hit. Happy manages to draw her gun and shoot the driver in the chest. Rico jumps the fence and runs across the yard to throw himself on the child playing in the pool. DB disappears from sight and Crayon texted the house on the left - "Who hit you?"

The Westwind races off down the street, leaving blissful silence in the area again. Happy rushes to her fallen comrade, throws him over her shoulder and heads back to the pickup. Four gangers, armed with automatic weapons, come boiling out of the house on the left. Since the gangers didn't see anyone with guns out, they decide to talk instead of shoot.

DB reappears and asks about Bender. One of the gangers says yea, Bender is in the house. DB and Norco enter the house looking for Bender. While the outside of the house looks rundown and worn, the inside is even worse. Discarded half eaten food containers were on the floor. Dreamers were haphazardly laying here and there. On the second floor, they finally find Bender who is out of it. Rico makes his way up and carries Bender out of the house. After a brief discussion, the group caravans to Norco's house over in Renton - a two hour drive - to wait for Bender to wake up.

Also while at Norco's house Rico tries to give first aid to Hawk - who stopped bleeping on the drive over. Rico set up the portable medical unit and must have plugged the probes in wrong because when he flipped the switch, an electrical surge went into Hawk hurting him even more. Norco rolled his eyes and stepped up to magically heal Hawk - who wakes up a few minutes later with one hell of a headache.

An hour later Bender wakes up from his BTL fix and finds himself in a strange house. Norco was flicking him on the forehead asking about the PDA that he took. Bender played stupid and asked "What PDA?" Norco flicked Bender again on the head and said "Your sister's PDA."

"Oh that one, I sold it for 50 Nuyen to 2nd Life Circuitry." Bender replied.

Norco was frustrated that someone would sell it so cheaply hit Bender with a stun glove and knocked him out. Then Norco proceeded to call the shop and ask about the PDA. Asked if the owner would hold on to it for him. Unable to make the two hour drive before the store closed, the team crashes at Norco's place for the night. Bright and early the next morning they set up to second hand shop and buy the PDA. The owner was concerned about it not being wiped, but Norco was more than okay.
DB called his client and arranged a time for the delivery of the PDA. DB paid the group and that night they went out and partied. Crayon was too young to get into the club, but did make it to the after hour’s party.

There Norco noticed someone he ran into on Friday night, he stepped over to say hello and was pleasantly surprised to learn she remembered him. Angela Woods asked that he give her a call tomorrow, because she might be able to set him up.


I got a jury summons in the mail today. Has it already been two years?

List Day

  • I counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • My forehead and nose are peeling
  • I got a new computer for work, it's got Office 2013 on it. Not sure I care for the changes
  • Time to get up and walk around or my head will be on the desk
  • It's time to give myself a manicure
  • I need to cut down the irises this weekend
  • Trying to decide if I want to shop tonight (when it's busy) or wait until tomorrow afternoon (when it's busy)
  • I usually go first thing early Saturday mornings, but Grilltech is using the car on Saturdays
  • Oh man, cryptography is going to make me crazy
  • Only an hour left in my day, I can't wait


The alarm went off at 0400 this morning and I didn't want to get up. I hit snooze four times before crawling out of bed. Yes, I normally hit snooze that many times, but today it was out of resentment, not avoidance. Its tough getting up early after spending the past four days sleeping in.

Grilltech, Eldest, Baby Bird and I took a road trip to the Portland area over the holiday weekend. We had a lot of fun and Grilltech got to see friends he only talks to on Facebook. Baby Bird kept asking to go to the beach, so Saturday we drove out there. We spent about three hours playing in the ocean, making sand castles, and getting sun burnt. No, that was just me.

Now it's back to the daily grind.


Sunburnt my face. Now my forehead is tight. 


Spent 128 at the beer store.


Happy 4th

Nothing more satisfying then the booming echo of fireworks going off. 

Happy birthday America. 


This cold was suppose to be winding down, not kicking back up. I was almost done!!!