I really look forward to spring/summer. I watch as a mated pair of Osprey raise their young. There are days, I get to see fuzzy heads with mom or dad feeding. On others, I don't see anything.

Grilltech and I kept talking how we should bring the camera and get pictures, because any day now our babies will be all grown up. On Friday, we both remember. And wouldn't you know it?

We can't see anyone.

Mom and Dad are flying around, but aren't interested in the least to pose for pictures.

After a while of chit-chat - for us - the kids stand up.

I'm still knitting. I've been doing some reading on the tantric puzzle top, and one of the chief complaints is it's not sturdy enough. Crap! So, the other one is on hold while I work the top in a cotton to see how well it works out for me. If I like it, I'll finish the pink one, other wise it's Frogtown.

Down the street:

Believe it or not, but I didn't have any supervisors while taking pictures. I wonder if I did it right...

List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Today, the shared drive is broken yet again, so I'm trying to go to my happy place
  • One of the cow-orkers had her eyes tattooed, she's quite proud of herself
  • Grilltech is bummed, because this weekend is the competition and I won't let him go
  • Honestly, it has nothing to do with the fact he can't walk around the block
  • I do get a certain amount of satisfaction of telling the Gnome to fix it chop, chop
  • Database just crashed
  • GAH, this leadership thing is a pain in the ass
  • Seriously? I need to give you a suggestion of what to bring to a potluck?
  • I'm glad this week is mostly over

And because I need a little pick me up:

All better now!

Livin' the Dream

Yip, that's me. Livin' the dream.

Friday was the old team lead's last day. Anyone want to take bets of who the new team lead is?

Which means, I have to:
  • Be nice to people when they come whining to me that they should have blue paper, instead of pink*
  • Walk to the Gnomes desk four or five times a day
  • Spend the last ten-fifteen minutes of my day chatting the Gnome up
  • And answer questions the team may have**

Anyone, who has spend more than two minutes with me, knows I don't like dealing with people. And all of this comes with no increase of pay. Yip, livin' the dream.

* Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's close.
** I did get to use Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Down the street on a hot summer day:

My new top:

The yarn is splity and slick. When it's done, it will be awesome!

It's too hot to do any and I'm recovering from an infection. Ick.

List Day

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Today's sunrise is a lovely pink/orange/blue-gray
  • BBQer has a nasty cold, and I think it might be trying to jump to me
  • I left my sweater at home today, because it's been hot recently, now I'm missing it
  • Things you don't want to hear: the tool is broken and so is the back up one
  • Yea, sounds like everyone is having fun
  • It looks like rain might start falling anytime now, which is bad because car windows are down
  • Now it's cloudy and windy, only rained for five minutes
  • The 20 minute drive home was mostly sunny and clear
  • Almost an hour later and it's cloudy again
  • I'm using Lang Deauville(Rav) to make the top
  • When I'm done swatching - it would be smarter to use smaller swatches instead of 130 sts - and have more then ten rows done, I'll post a picture
  • I do have the PDF, am willing to share if people really want it
  • I need to go wake up Grilltech from his nap
  • Can't wait until next Wednesday

Posting, Optional?

I'm just going to pretend last week didn't fucking exist. This week, seems to be doing better. I mean - seriously - a short week due to a holiday and I took an extra day off to sleep in. Who could ask for more? I could ask for more, but it would seem ungrateful on my part.

I'm so easily distracted today, I was looking for the new pattern to show everyone what I'm working on and realized I needed to put up pictures of the finished sweater. Then, I couldn't leave well enough alone, I had to look at everyone else's projects. Because yanno, Ravelry is a huge time suck.

Anyway, I've started on a new project (Rav) for me. Don't have any pictures yet, but I did type up the pattern I'm going to use - it's called Four Winds Check. Right now it's was way to hot to work on the sock blanket, because summer has decided to make an entrance in our part of the world.

Interesting, the pattern is no longer available. Guess I'm very lucky that I downloaded it two years ago. Now let us pray I don't run out of yarn. Seriously, start praying to which every deity is on duty, because I purchased the stuff on E-bay four or five years ago and Ravelry says it's discontinued.

Anyway, after typing up the pattern, I was able to transfer it to the iPad, and boom! I'm good to go. Yip, life is good.

Oh, and can I get a chocolate shake with that? kthxbai