Down the street on a hot summer day:

My new top:

The yarn is splity and slick. When it's done, it will be awesome!

It's too hot to do any and I'm recovering from an infection. Ick.


Roxie said...

Infection? Crud! Take all your antibiotics, ok?

The new top is pretty. And hooray for hot summer days! You'll love that picture come January.

Galad said...

The top looks great but sounds like it is kind of challenging to work with.

Feel better soon!

Amy Lane said...

ulg! You're better than I am-- I SO would have bailed by now! But get better-- what Roxie said!

Lovs2Knit said...

At least you have something good to look forward too to get you through knitting with the yarn. Hope you're feeling better now. I do love all the tree coverage down your street.