Livin' the Dream

Yip, that's me. Livin' the dream.

Friday was the old team lead's last day. Anyone want to take bets of who the new team lead is?

Which means, I have to:
  • Be nice to people when they come whining to me that they should have blue paper, instead of pink*
  • Walk to the Gnomes desk four or five times a day
  • Spend the last ten-fifteen minutes of my day chatting the Gnome up
  • And answer questions the team may have**

Anyone, who has spend more than two minutes with me, knows I don't like dealing with people. And all of this comes with no increase of pay. Yip, livin' the dream.

* Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it's close.
** I did get to use Have you tried turning it off and on again?


Donna Lee said...

I use that line all the time and it's followed by, "did you try rebooting your system?". I almost never have to revert to "is it plugged in?"

Roxie said...

Ain't it great to have a job to complain about?

Galad said...

Bonding time for you and Gnome :-)

Amy Lane said...

Make sure you say that with Sam's inflection. It'll make you feel better.