List Day

  • Counted three cars at the bar this morning
  • Today, the shared drive is broken yet again, so I'm trying to go to my happy place
  • One of the cow-orkers had her eyes tattooed, she's quite proud of herself
  • Grilltech is bummed, because this weekend is the competition and I won't let him go
  • Honestly, it has nothing to do with the fact he can't walk around the block
  • I do get a certain amount of satisfaction of telling the Gnome to fix it chop, chop
  • Database just crashed
  • GAH, this leadership thing is a pain in the ass
  • Seriously? I need to give you a suggestion of what to bring to a potluck?
  • I'm glad this week is mostly over

And because I need a little pick me up:

All better now!


Galad said...

Made my day better too :-)

Donna Lee said...

I can't access the "feel better" place. websense won't allow it.

My mother had her eyebrows tattooed on and also had eyeliner tattooed onto her eyelids. I have 2 regular tattoos and I know how much they hurt, I can't imagine letting someone with a needle next to my eye.

Roxie said...

Had her EYES tattooed? Not eyliner on the lids? Something on her EYES? EEEEEEWwwwwwww!!

Megan said...

My reaction to the eye tattoo was the same as the previous poster. Eww!

emicat said...

Bear can't go to a guy's fishing weekend out, because he promised to take me somewhere on Saturday that he forgot about (until I reminded him).

Eyes tattoed? Is that the tattoed eye liner stuff? That stuff looks scary (and fake) to me!

Amy Lane said...

Thank YOU! I needed that oo!