Monday, April 30th

1. Stop on the way home from work at the store to pick up chairs. (check)

2. Find blankets, just in case its chilly. (check)

3. Stop to get gas and snacks before heading out. (check)

4. Drive 20 minutes (more or less) out of town, be surprised the rest stop still isn't finished. (check)

5. Set up the new chairs, table, and settle down. (check)

6. Curse at the three quarters full moon and high thin cloud cover of a third of the sky. (check)

7. Go home after 30 minutes. (check)

8. Will try again next week, we might have better luck. (check, check, check)

Strawberry Lemonade socks look very nice. They're also incredibly soft. I think it has to do fact the yarn is washed. I will be buying more in the future. Not real sure when.

I've started the second blue sock. Right now it has half an inch of ribbing, only an inch and a half more to go before I'm working on the leg.

I was so mad at one of the supervisors today, I was spitting. Phone Killer was laughing at me, can't really blame her. I generally don't let stuff like bother me, but it was annoying. It made twice as much work for me, bastard

Friday, April 27th

Stressful day at the datamine. People are lining up to get data. I'm laying very, very low so I won't get drafted into digging for data. It's messy dirty work. On the other hand, I've got the hourglass of death happening. It makes it hard for me to sit and think about work.

I'm about an inch away from starting the toes on the Strawberry Lemonade socks. Should have them completed this weekend, in fact the second sock is finished, I'll need to get pictures. I'll start Dad's so I'll have something to work on during the week. Then I'll start with the Lorna's Lace for me.

Yes, Peaches looks pretty sad, but it's needed. (I need to laugh at something and Grilltech gets touchy when I laugh at him.) She mats very badly this time of the year.

On the way home, we're going to stop and pick up our star gazen chairs. It had better be clear, there’s a meteor shower I want to see. It’s been cloudy for the past week.

Monday, April 23

I took Friday off, figured might as well make appointments so the day isn't a complete waste of time. The machine maintenance people were schedule to come between 0800 and 1200. It's understood that between 0800 and 1200, really means, 1400 and 1800. At 0745 I jump in the shower for a quick one. I'm drying off and the door bell starts going off. Huh? I grab the robe and run out there. The maintenance person is here at 0805!! OMG. I show her, where the washer/dryer and stove, then go get dressed. All I can think is she was here at 0805!!

I go get my eyes checked, they've gotten worse, I knew they had. Problem is I'm between a .75 (weaker) and .00 (stronger). I'm wearing the .00's and I'm getting a slight headache. I haven’t order the new ones yet. Course I don’t have the weaker ones to see if I like them better.

Saturday, I took Peaches in to be shaved. She’s now a shaved kitty. The other cats laugh at her. Oh wait, it’s just me. You can see it on Grilltech's page.

Finished the class sock, the Bookwyrms and finished the gusset on the Strawberry Lemonade. Once the SL is completed, I’ll only have one more sock to finish. Then I’ll start on the gloves.

Thursday, April 19th

I finished the #@*%$ heel last night. In fact, before I started another row, I counted to make sure I needed the next row. (Can you see what's coming? I'll bet you can.) Count once, come up with 21. Count twice to make sure I wasn't mistaken, because I was trying to count while watching Thank God You're Here. #@*%$, I was right, the first time, 21. Rip back a row, then quietly put the sock away, so the knitting goblins wouldn't come and mess it while we slept. Today at break, I turned the heel and picked up the gusset of one side. Figure by the end of the day, I should the other gusset picked up and start the decreases. I'll keep the goblins at bay by leaving the Strawberry Lemonade lying around as bait. Lemonade is always better then scales right?

I'm going to swing by the LYS on the way home. Its early enough, they should still be open. Grilltech is catching a ride home from a co-worker, who wants some of the peach/blackberry beer.

Humor of the day: What P2tog really means.

Wednesday, April 18th

Yesterday, we had to take separate cars to work. So when 1430 rolled around, I was out the door like a shot. Spent the 1.5 hours, playing Civ4 (Warlords) and grazing on what ever wasn't tied down. The youngest was watching some afternoon talk show. (Is your husband cheating on you? Call us, we'll find out, tape the whole thing, put you with them on the show, show it to you, so you'll have a melt down and call it entertainment.) About 1630, the TV started to cut out for a few seconds, once in a while. A very lovely thunderstorm started to roll through the valley. (Trish, did you get any of it?)

At 1700, I decide it's time to start the charcoal for the burgers. Started the chimney, went in side. After five minutes, I checked no fire. It’s a light rain at this point in time. Go back in; find more paper to start the fire. Stand out in the rain, trying to light matches. Finally one catches, and I'm lighting paper like I'm the Trashcan Man from The Stand. I wait until one set burns down and stuff another set just to make sure. Smoke is boiling up through the briquettes; I can see the flames licking the bottom of them. All is right with the world and back I go to play a few more turns. At 1730, I go look, because flames should be dancing out of the top, but no such luck. I know when to throw in the towel. I pulled Grilltech's Precious out of the rain, and the unlit briquettes also. Wrapped the burgers in tinfoil to try again tonight. On the plus side, it's up to Grilltech to make dinner.

I've completed the ribbing on the second Strawberry Lemonade sock. Now I'm on the trek to the heel. Things are looking good. I haven't started the second sleeve for Dad's sweater. Might work on it come Sunday. I have 10 more rows on the Bookwrym before I can start the heel shaping. I should have it completed today. Then I'll be done with the heel from hell.

Humor of the day: How much do you love him?

Monday, April 16th

Saturday sock class was fun. The student while claims not to know knitting terms, is clipping right along. I think she's going to knit more then one pair of socks.

In the middle of our sock class there was a shawl/lace presentation. We stopped and listened, while knitting. I'm thinking I'm going to rip out Icuras and knit it with bigger yarn and larger needles. Since this is my first lace attempt, I think it would serve me better.

Grilltech bottled my peach/blackberry beer. I have to wait two weeks. (Is it done yet?) He might bottle another batch this Friday, but he hasn't made any definite plans yet. (Is it done now?)

I've finished the first Strawberry Lemonade. Started the second one. I'm down to the toe on class sock. I'll have to wait until Saturday before I can start the toe on that one. I'm about half done with the EOP heel on the Bookwyrm. I hate EOP. It looks very neat when completed, but it sucks to make. Is this stitch a slip or a knit? Can I tell what I've done last row? No.

Friday, April 13th

I had a lot of fun last night. The Eldest is becoming a good cook. They saved dinner for me, it was fried rice type of thing. Tasty. Their house is small, but nice. They need more furniture. When I get newer stuff because the last tax exemption is leaving, I'll give the old stuff to her.

Grilltech had fun at his meeting last night. There was quite the crowd when I got there. He's already looking forward to next month's gathering.

I didn't bring a sweater today and now I'm freezing. I should have known, in fact what makes this worse, I thought about grabbing one but decided against it while walking out the door. I should have known it's not quite summer yet.

Here are the basic design of the mittens. Not sure which way I want to go with them.

Finished the heel on the Strawberry Lemonade, now working on the gusset. I'll post pictures later.

...And now for something completely different: (thanks Curlerchik)

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Thursday, April 12th

Last night's knitting was good. I finished the leg on the Strawberry Lemonade, started the heel. About four rows away from turning the heel. The yarn is very soft and squishy. Should have them completed soon.

Tonight is Grilltech's turn to go rub elbows with other brewers. He's been looking forward to going for a couple of weeks now. Did you know they talk about things at their meetings? (Tonight's topic is water quality.) Us knitters, just ohh and ahh, over other people's projects.

I'm going to visit the Eldest, while he's at the meeting. I should drag out the left over balls of cotton yarn I have for her. She's decided to make a baby blanket out of cotton.

They say we're suppose to drink 64 ounces of water per day. Did you know if you actually drank 64 ounces of water per day, you'll be living in the bathroom? Granted I can use the exercise walking back and forth, but it's annoying. I feel as if I have a hamster bladder.

I've decided on the mitten design. A splash of color to keep it interesting, not sure which way to go which color scheme to use: blue with orange or the orange with blue. Have to keep it somewhat simple, because while my mittens will same yarn. Sock student who wanted to know how to make mittens, will be making thrumbed ones.

Dumbass things of the day:

1. Ran the PM report with the data from yesterday's AM report.
2. Spilled water (thankfully) down the front of my shirt.
3. Deleted the PTO request for a whole week and moved to the next person. Without putting back the corrected request.

Good things of the day:

1. Printed out the directions to Eldest's house.
2. Had Grilltech pull out bread for tonight's dinner. (Hmm grilled cheese.)
3. I finished the leg of Bookwyrm.

And now for something completely different: (thanks Carrie Penny)

You Are A Hornbeam Tree

You are a reserved person, looking in from the outside.
Naturally attractive, you take good care of your looks.
You are not egoistic, and you make life as comfortable as possible.
You look for kindness in others - though you are seldom happy with yourself.
A bit mistrusting and unsure, you dream of being swept away by someone unusual.

I agree, execpt for the "take good care of your looks." They haven't seen me...

Wednesday, April 11th

I had a slight post yesterday, but never got around to posting it. Hand wound the Strawberry Lemonade from Samurai Etsy. I drafted the Youngest fiancée into helping. Only because once I said, I need a body, the family scattered. They knew what was coming. He had the 'hmmm, okay' look on his face. He did a pretty good job of holding the hank until they had to leave. By then there was just a little left, so Grilltech took over.

I now have three, (three!) socks on the needles. I never - okay, rarely - have more then one pair on at a time. The class sock, waiting for Saturday for the heel. Strawberry lemonade socks, almost to the heel, maybe another inch. And the Bookwyrms, about two inches before the heel - bonus, it's the second sock. The second sleeve hasn't been started.

I have been ravenous for the past couple of days. I'll eat every couple of hours, and I'm not getting full. Of course, I'm not eating healthy food either. Right now it's dried fruit, which is better then a candy bar, but not nearly chocolaty enough.

OMG!! Did you see the shirt on the Harlot's web site? The K2, P2 one? I think Grilltech needs it. Okay, I really want it, but I'm not that enlightened. Although, Grilltech thinks my haircut says otherwise. (Yeah, yeah, who's telling this story?)

Strange dreams last night, Zombies was trying to break into the building. There is a leak, which could eventually cause problems. So another person and I go out trying to fix it. Zombies are all over, but don't see us. My "partner" is more worried about the zombies then about fixing the problem. Thanks dude, your a big help. The night before, I was eaten by a six headed dragon. Granted the Dragon ended up being a roller coaster, but that's not the point. Stress dreams, maybe?

I'm going to teach a mitten class at some point in time. I've got the yarn, but no pattern. I'll need to get something figured and graphed out. Since I have the local college colors I'm contemplating something with the mascot.

The battery of the PDA just died. I can play poker, but not listen to MP3's. Now I have to listen to the conversations of my cube mates. Who still sings karaoke? I think I sang it once. PK is fighting with managers 2000 miles away, the joys of virtual teams. Me? I'm putting in special projects and thinking about charts.

Dumbass thing of the day: sliced my thumb open with a plastic(!) knife. Yeah, I'm talented.

Good thing of the day: Went to lunch with D

and now for something completely different: (thanks Rae)

Your Deadly Sins

Gluttony: 40%
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Envy: 20%
Greed: 20%
Pride: 20%
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Chance You'll Go to Hell: 20%

You'll die from food poisoning - and then the natives will feast on your fatty limbs.

Monday, April 9th

Happy Monday, or at least I think it is. Woke up this morning at 0355 in a panic. Did the alarm go off? Nope, but I woke up anyway. I had a migraine most of the day on Easter, and went to bed pretty early, I think it was 1930. Anyway, the alarm didn't go off, I'm poking Grilltech, wanting to know if the alarm has gone off. It hasn't, we figure the battery has gone low and won't be going off. He decided to call in sick, while I drug myself off to the shower.

I had a new sock student on Saturday. She pulled out the yarn, it was Toutifouies. I explained, that wouldn't be the best yarn to start with. She said she could do it, because she was going to knit just one pair of socks. I gave in and told her to cast on with 64 stitches. Picked her a pair of size two addi's and off we went. I started a sock for Dad, I have less then an inch to go before the heel. I have five days before the class, so I'm good.

I called Dad on Sunday to wish them a Happy Easter. He wasn't happy to hear we didn't make it to church. Well yeah, we're pagans. Not really, but it's just easier to say, I don't want to be a hypocrite and only go to church twice a year.

I'm about two inches away from starting the heel on the Bookwyrm. Dad's sweater is stalled. Think I'll work on it Wednesday night at coffee.

The good sleep is starting to wear off and so is the tea. I could very easily just crawl under my desk to nap. I have plenty of room, but no doors, so everyone would be able to see me.

I've updated the links.

Friday, April 6th

I had drawn out land masses, thought four sheets of graph paper would be enough. Figured out where the tectonic plates would be located and which way the faults would pull/slide. Afterwards, I did the math. With a diameter of 4000 miles (about the size of Mars), each square works out to be 177,462 miles. That total make my head hurt. I've decided to one use one sheet, leaving the rest of the world to be explored at a later date. I'll need to remove the lakes and rivers I have the original map, put down the tectonic plates and mountains. Then put the lakes and rivers back.

Knitting hasn't quite stalled, but it's going slow. Maybe because I'm putting more work into world building. Are you sick of reading about it yet?

I got home and M called from Fuzz, another person wants to learn sock knitting. I'm good with that, it will help pay for my sweater.

And now for something completely different (from Curlerchik Knits):

You Are A Romantic Realist

You tend to be grounded when it comes to romance.

Sure, you can fall hard... but only for someone you've gotten to know.

And once you're in love, you can be a total romantic goofball...

But you'd never admit it to your friends!

Thursday, April 5th

Another day, another chance to knit. So knit I will today. Instead of playing poker in the car, I'll be working on a Bookwyrm. This has nothing to do with the fact the PDA's battery most likely won't last the whole day. Okay, so I was wrong, I played power.

I did find the soft copy of the world builder guide. Brought it to work, so I don't have a huge book on my desk so the uninformed won't be asking what I'm doing.

Second day without soda. Grilltech said, now he doesn't have to make my Ginger Ale. That sucks! I didn't think this whole process through very well. Can I make the exception to the rule for homemade Ginger Ale? Why did I give up soda? Because I don't need the calories.

I didn't fill the gas tank last night, I should have. Now I'm paranoid about will I have enough gas to make it down the hill to fill the tank?

By 0915 this morning I was tired of reading blogs, so I started reading the world builder. Nice. Reading up on how to place tectonic plates and mountain ranges. Earth quakes are coming.

Dumbass thing of the day: Don't really have anything.
Good thing of the day: Remembered to pull out pork chops this morning.

Wednesday, April 4th

It hates me. I'll be right in the middle of trying to do something; the #@&% database will suddenly lose connection, and dump me out. What I was working on, will be gone and I'll need to start over. On the plus side, well there is no plus side right now. In fact, the whole #@&% database seems to be down.

This is my first morning without soda. I made some tea, but it's not hitting the spot. I maybe a bit whiny this today, the rest of this week or longer. I'm also having a hard time staying awake this morning. Think it has something to do with the lack of caffeine?

Okay, so the world building book I thought was the right one, isn't. I have a soft copy of the book, which is older, that has different information. I hope we still have the soft copy.

Here is the EOP heel. It's a pain in the ass to make, but looks great.

Here is a back view. Looks pretty neat.

Now please excuse me, I have to go jump Grilltech.

Dumbass thing of the day: Put in four events, in the wrong week.
Good thing of the day: Knitting and coffee tonight!

Tuesday, April 3rd

It doesn't do any good to make a menu, then forget to pull stuff out of the freezer for the next night's dinner. Either we're having leftovers - spaghetti and stir fry - or we're going out. I'll need to remember to pull pork chops for tomorrow.

I did remember to bring the knitting today. It may save my sanity. I just wish I could know while waiting for the database to move. Yes, yes, no point in whining about what I can't have. I have time to work on other projects instead. I should have brought my graph paper. I want to get three more sheets filled to use as a world. I should pull out the world builder book to help. Yes, yes, I have tools that I should be using. Remember, knowledge is only half the battle, the other half is using the knowledge.

No real knitting news. I haven't picked up Dad's sleeve. It turns out the inseam of his arm is 23 inches. I'll be knitting forever. Bookwrym has two pattern repeats completed. I should pull the pictures off the camera, so you guys can see what I'm talking about.

Dumbass thing of the day: I forgot to call the youngest to pull out burger for dinner.

Good thing of the day: Grilltech said we can go out for dinner.

Monday, April 2nd

Busy weekend. Friday night, we did the Eldest's birthday dinner. I think Grilltech makes the best sandwhiches ever. Anyway, after dinner, we made toffee. Yes, I did make her do the work. I would stir once in a while, but she did the bulk. Boy, did that batch turn out well. She's also decided she wants the cookbook the recipe is in when I get tired of it. The book is falling apart, wonder how much it would be to rebind it. Today my right elbow is sore, I think it's from all the stirring I did. I wonder if it will get me out of cooking for the next week.

Oh crap I forgot to put the menu together. Spaghetti tonight, just need to pull it out. Something with burger on Tuesday, a taco mix. Pork chops on Wednesday. I'll need to root through the freezer for the rest of the week. I picked up some sausages on Saturday with the intention making breakfast Sunday. Turns out I froze them, so I'll need to remember to pull them out

We had steaks on Saturday night. Once again, very tasty. We had the E brood over. After dinner, I made more toffee, because I had a bunch of left over stuff, this batch didn't turn out as well. A slight burnt flavor, but it didn't stop it from being eaten. We played a new Zombie game. Not as fun, did have to use some strategy, I ended up tying for the win. Us women have to stay together.

Sunday's dinner was the left over steaks, the E's didn't take home. We picked up some vegs and made a stir fry. It turned out really well for being thrown together. There is a little left over for Grilltech's breakfast on Wednesday. I should grab a bite to see how the flavors melded before he snarf’s it.

Good news, I did get my map drawn out. I'll need to make copies so I can bleed all over them. Next up, start placing cities and figuring out terrain. I'm so happy I play Civ, I can use the game worlds as a template of sorts. Yes, I know, I have all these tools at my finger tips, but I'm lazy - er, had no graph paper. I'll also need to pick up a good eraser. Now that the kids are out of school, I don't have those supplies kicking around the house.

I think they pushed an update out to my system. My Excel macro's aren't working, I'm having to get a copy of the spreadsheet. Then rerun the report and keep hitting continue until the report is completed. Not really bad, just overly annoying. About 0815 this morning, I decided it was break time. I go to grab my knitting. Guess what?! It's not there. GRRRRR While loading my bucket this morning I forgot to pull the knitting out of the knitting bucket. I'm happy I have my PDA, so I can play poker.

Did not sleep well last night, was tossing and turning something fierce and the cats didn't help. Uggy is using us as highways trying to get one of us to pet her at 0200. It didn't help, almost got her tossed off the bed. Fran kept getting kicked during the night. She doesn't like to be kicked, so she attacks back. Grilltech gets the brunt of the attacks, because she likes his side of the bed better for some reason. I think it's because he doesn't kick as hard as I do.

I can feel the crazy bubbling up. I passed a lady today and only got a quick glance at her sweater. Now I want to hunt her down so I can get a closer look. (I have the image of Sabrina pouncing and holding her down while I look at her sweater. Sabrina says I'm not fat, just big boned.) At first glance it looks to be cabled, the second look you can see the YO's causing the curves. I haven't seen her since; otherwise I would flag her down and ask to look.

Dumbass thing of the day: I'm running the report for next Saturday, not last Saturday. On the plus side, I caught before I went out of this week and into last week.

And now for something completely different:

I am a d12

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