Monday, April 30th

1. Stop on the way home from work at the store to pick up chairs. (check)

2. Find blankets, just in case its chilly. (check)

3. Stop to get gas and snacks before heading out. (check)

4. Drive 20 minutes (more or less) out of town, be surprised the rest stop still isn't finished. (check)

5. Set up the new chairs, table, and settle down. (check)

6. Curse at the three quarters full moon and high thin cloud cover of a third of the sky. (check)

7. Go home after 30 minutes. (check)

8. Will try again next week, we might have better luck. (check, check, check)

Strawberry Lemonade socks look very nice. They're also incredibly soft. I think it has to do fact the yarn is washed. I will be buying more in the future. Not real sure when.

I've started the second blue sock. Right now it has half an inch of ribbing, only an inch and a half more to go before I'm working on the leg.

I was so mad at one of the supervisors today, I was spitting. Phone Killer was laughing at me, can't really blame her. I generally don't let stuff like bother me, but it was annoying. It made twice as much work for me, bastard


Rae said...

So do you knit in the dark while looking for stars? Not sure I could do it. I can knit and watch movies (particularly if the pattern is simple), but I'd want to really concentrate on the stars, so I'm not sure I could knit at the same time.

Love the socks! The name is so fitting for the colors -- perfect.

Trish "luvs2knit" said...

I don't think they'll ever finish the rest stops. :)
The socks look good....Love the color.

Sandra said...

Love the sock colourway - very spring-ish, and perfectly named.

Amy Lane said...

Those are some nice socks!!! And sorry about the royal prickweenie...I guess we all have one!!!!

Mr. Shife said...

It sucks that we have to drive out of town now to even look at the stars.