Monday, April 2nd

Busy weekend. Friday night, we did the Eldest's birthday dinner. I think Grilltech makes the best sandwhiches ever. Anyway, after dinner, we made toffee. Yes, I did make her do the work. I would stir once in a while, but she did the bulk. Boy, did that batch turn out well. She's also decided she wants the cookbook the recipe is in when I get tired of it. The book is falling apart, wonder how much it would be to rebind it. Today my right elbow is sore, I think it's from all the stirring I did. I wonder if it will get me out of cooking for the next week.

Oh crap I forgot to put the menu together. Spaghetti tonight, just need to pull it out. Something with burger on Tuesday, a taco mix. Pork chops on Wednesday. I'll need to root through the freezer for the rest of the week. I picked up some sausages on Saturday with the intention making breakfast Sunday. Turns out I froze them, so I'll need to remember to pull them out

We had steaks on Saturday night. Once again, very tasty. We had the E brood over. After dinner, I made more toffee, because I had a bunch of left over stuff, this batch didn't turn out as well. A slight burnt flavor, but it didn't stop it from being eaten. We played a new Zombie game. Not as fun, did have to use some strategy, I ended up tying for the win. Us women have to stay together.

Sunday's dinner was the left over steaks, the E's didn't take home. We picked up some vegs and made a stir fry. It turned out really well for being thrown together. There is a little left over for Grilltech's breakfast on Wednesday. I should grab a bite to see how the flavors melded before he snarf’s it.

Good news, I did get my map drawn out. I'll need to make copies so I can bleed all over them. Next up, start placing cities and figuring out terrain. I'm so happy I play Civ, I can use the game worlds as a template of sorts. Yes, I know, I have all these tools at my finger tips, but I'm lazy - er, had no graph paper. I'll also need to pick up a good eraser. Now that the kids are out of school, I don't have those supplies kicking around the house.

I think they pushed an update out to my system. My Excel macro's aren't working, I'm having to get a copy of the spreadsheet. Then rerun the report and keep hitting continue until the report is completed. Not really bad, just overly annoying. About 0815 this morning, I decided it was break time. I go to grab my knitting. Guess what?! It's not there. GRRRRR While loading my bucket this morning I forgot to pull the knitting out of the knitting bucket. I'm happy I have my PDA, so I can play poker.

Did not sleep well last night, was tossing and turning something fierce and the cats didn't help. Uggy is using us as highways trying to get one of us to pet her at 0200. It didn't help, almost got her tossed off the bed. Fran kept getting kicked during the night. She doesn't like to be kicked, so she attacks back. Grilltech gets the brunt of the attacks, because she likes his side of the bed better for some reason. I think it's because he doesn't kick as hard as I do.

I can feel the crazy bubbling up. I passed a lady today and only got a quick glance at her sweater. Now I want to hunt her down so I can get a closer look. (I have the image of Sabrina pouncing and holding her down while I look at her sweater. Sabrina says I'm not fat, just big boned.) At first glance it looks to be cabled, the second look you can see the YO's causing the curves. I haven't seen her since; otherwise I would flag her down and ask to look.

Dumbass thing of the day: I'm running the report for next Saturday, not last Saturday. On the plus side, I caught before I went out of this week and into last week.

And now for something completely different:

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Amy Lane said...

ugh! There's nothing like having a cat try to neck with you at 2:00 am...(happy b-day, Eldest:-)