Wednesday, April 4th

It hates me. I'll be right in the middle of trying to do something; the #@&% database will suddenly lose connection, and dump me out. What I was working on, will be gone and I'll need to start over. On the plus side, well there is no plus side right now. In fact, the whole #@&% database seems to be down.

This is my first morning without soda. I made some tea, but it's not hitting the spot. I maybe a bit whiny this today, the rest of this week or longer. I'm also having a hard time staying awake this morning. Think it has something to do with the lack of caffeine?

Okay, so the world building book I thought was the right one, isn't. I have a soft copy of the book, which is older, that has different information. I hope we still have the soft copy.

Here is the EOP heel. It's a pain in the ass to make, but looks great.

Here is a back view. Looks pretty neat.

Now please excuse me, I have to go jump Grilltech.

Dumbass thing of the day: Put in four events, in the wrong week.
Good thing of the day: Knitting and coffee tonight!


Lovs2Knit said...

Like the socks. I haven't tried the EOP heel yet. I was going to with the socks I'm working on now but the yarn is just to busy for it to look good.

Carrie Penny said...

Those are so pretty I love them!

So, why are you going w/o soda? I gave up caffinated sodas one year for Lent and about gouged my eyes out with a crochet hook for the first week or so, after that I realized that most root beer didn't have caffine, so I drank that a lunch and dinner... Now I am hooked on coffee and nothing will come between me an my cup of coffee in the am or the pm...