Wednesday, April 11th

I had a slight post yesterday, but never got around to posting it. Hand wound the Strawberry Lemonade from Samurai Etsy. I drafted the Youngest fiancée into helping. Only because once I said, I need a body, the family scattered. They knew what was coming. He had the 'hmmm, okay' look on his face. He did a pretty good job of holding the hank until they had to leave. By then there was just a little left, so Grilltech took over.

I now have three, (three!) socks on the needles. I never - okay, rarely - have more then one pair on at a time. The class sock, waiting for Saturday for the heel. Strawberry lemonade socks, almost to the heel, maybe another inch. And the Bookwyrms, about two inches before the heel - bonus, it's the second sock. The second sleeve hasn't been started.

I have been ravenous for the past couple of days. I'll eat every couple of hours, and I'm not getting full. Of course, I'm not eating healthy food either. Right now it's dried fruit, which is better then a candy bar, but not nearly chocolaty enough.

OMG!! Did you see the shirt on the Harlot's web site? The K2, P2 one? I think Grilltech needs it. Okay, I really want it, but I'm not that enlightened. Although, Grilltech thinks my haircut says otherwise. (Yeah, yeah, who's telling this story?)

Strange dreams last night, Zombies was trying to break into the building. There is a leak, which could eventually cause problems. So another person and I go out trying to fix it. Zombies are all over, but don't see us. My "partner" is more worried about the zombies then about fixing the problem. Thanks dude, your a big help. The night before, I was eaten by a six headed dragon. Granted the Dragon ended up being a roller coaster, but that's not the point. Stress dreams, maybe?

I'm going to teach a mitten class at some point in time. I've got the yarn, but no pattern. I'll need to get something figured and graphed out. Since I have the local college colors I'm contemplating something with the mascot.

The battery of the PDA just died. I can play poker, but not listen to MP3's. Now I have to listen to the conversations of my cube mates. Who still sings karaoke? I think I sang it once. PK is fighting with managers 2000 miles away, the joys of virtual teams. Me? I'm putting in special projects and thinking about charts.

Dumbass thing of the day: sliced my thumb open with a plastic(!) knife. Yeah, I'm talented.

Good thing of the day: Went to lunch with D

and now for something completely different: (thanks Rae)

Your Deadly Sins

Gluttony: 40%
Sloth: 40%
Envy: 20%
Greed: 20%
Pride: 20%
Lust: 0%
Wrath: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 20%

You'll die from food poisoning - and then the natives will feast on your fatty limbs.

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Lovs2Knit said... etsy seller I hadn't found. Oh no, my weakness of sock yarn and lace yarn combined with pretty colorways. I'm in trouble. :)
I died laughing when I seen that shirt on the Harlots site.