Monday, April 16th

Saturday sock class was fun. The student while claims not to know knitting terms, is clipping right along. I think she's going to knit more then one pair of socks.

In the middle of our sock class there was a shawl/lace presentation. We stopped and listened, while knitting. I'm thinking I'm going to rip out Icuras and knit it with bigger yarn and larger needles. Since this is my first lace attempt, I think it would serve me better.

Grilltech bottled my peach/blackberry beer. I have to wait two weeks. (Is it done yet?) He might bottle another batch this Friday, but he hasn't made any definite plans yet. (Is it done now?)

I've finished the first Strawberry Lemonade. Started the second one. I'm down to the toe on class sock. I'll have to wait until Saturday before I can start the toe on that one. I'm about half done with the EOP heel on the Bookwyrm. I hate EOP. It looks very neat when completed, but it sucks to make. Is this stitch a slip or a knit? Can I tell what I've done last row? No.

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Amy Lane said...

Yeah...there are definite drags to stretching yourself...