Thursday, April 12th

Last night's knitting was good. I finished the leg on the Strawberry Lemonade, started the heel. About four rows away from turning the heel. The yarn is very soft and squishy. Should have them completed soon.

Tonight is Grilltech's turn to go rub elbows with other brewers. He's been looking forward to going for a couple of weeks now. Did you know they talk about things at their meetings? (Tonight's topic is water quality.) Us knitters, just ohh and ahh, over other people's projects.

I'm going to visit the Eldest, while he's at the meeting. I should drag out the left over balls of cotton yarn I have for her. She's decided to make a baby blanket out of cotton.

They say we're suppose to drink 64 ounces of water per day. Did you know if you actually drank 64 ounces of water per day, you'll be living in the bathroom? Granted I can use the exercise walking back and forth, but it's annoying. I feel as if I have a hamster bladder.

I've decided on the mitten design. A splash of color to keep it interesting, not sure which way to go which color scheme to use: blue with orange or the orange with blue. Have to keep it somewhat simple, because while my mittens will same yarn. Sock student who wanted to know how to make mittens, will be making thrumbed ones.

Dumbass things of the day:

1. Ran the PM report with the data from yesterday's AM report.
2. Spilled water (thankfully) down the front of my shirt.
3. Deleted the PTO request for a whole week and moved to the next person. Without putting back the corrected request.

Good things of the day:

1. Printed out the directions to Eldest's house.
2. Had Grilltech pull out bread for tonight's dinner. (Hmm grilled cheese.)
3. I finished the leg of Bookwyrm.

And now for something completely different: (thanks Carrie Penny)

You Are A Hornbeam Tree

You are a reserved person, looking in from the outside.
Naturally attractive, you take good care of your looks.
You are not egoistic, and you make life as comfortable as possible.
You look for kindness in others - though you are seldom happy with yourself.
A bit mistrusting and unsure, you dream of being swept away by someone unusual.

I agree, execpt for the "take good care of your looks." They haven't seen me...

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Carrie Penny said...

The water thing, I have actually had a doctor correct that... It is 64 oz of a non caffine clear fluid... herbal teas, juice and some other things fall under that... now by that I can do it... but plain water is gross to us and we can't stand to drink it. Once your body is used to drinking that much you don't go so much I promise!

And I think I have done all of your dumbass things of the day, so now I don't feel so alone out there... You also aren't alone!