Friday, April 27th

Stressful day at the datamine. People are lining up to get data. I'm laying very, very low so I won't get drafted into digging for data. It's messy dirty work. On the other hand, I've got the hourglass of death happening. It makes it hard for me to sit and think about work.

I'm about an inch away from starting the toes on the Strawberry Lemonade socks. Should have them completed this weekend, in fact the second sock is finished, I'll need to get pictures. I'll start Dad's so I'll have something to work on during the week. Then I'll start with the Lorna's Lace for me.

Yes, Peaches looks pretty sad, but it's needed. (I need to laugh at something and Grilltech gets touchy when I laugh at him.) She mats very badly this time of the year.

On the way home, we're going to stop and pick up our star gazen chairs. It had better be clear, there’s a meteor shower I want to see. It’s been cloudy for the past week.

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Rae said...

Oh, I want to see! I want to see Strawberry Lemonade!! I have a bit of spring fever, so this sounds utterly delightful. Hope you can post pics.