Wednesday, April 18th

Yesterday, we had to take separate cars to work. So when 1430 rolled around, I was out the door like a shot. Spent the 1.5 hours, playing Civ4 (Warlords) and grazing on what ever wasn't tied down. The youngest was watching some afternoon talk show. (Is your husband cheating on you? Call us, we'll find out, tape the whole thing, put you with them on the show, show it to you, so you'll have a melt down and call it entertainment.) About 1630, the TV started to cut out for a few seconds, once in a while. A very lovely thunderstorm started to roll through the valley. (Trish, did you get any of it?)

At 1700, I decide it's time to start the charcoal for the burgers. Started the chimney, went in side. After five minutes, I checked no fire. It’s a light rain at this point in time. Go back in; find more paper to start the fire. Stand out in the rain, trying to light matches. Finally one catches, and I'm lighting paper like I'm the Trashcan Man from The Stand. I wait until one set burns down and stuff another set just to make sure. Smoke is boiling up through the briquettes; I can see the flames licking the bottom of them. All is right with the world and back I go to play a few more turns. At 1730, I go look, because flames should be dancing out of the top, but no such luck. I know when to throw in the towel. I pulled Grilltech's Precious out of the rain, and the unlit briquettes also. Wrapped the burgers in tinfoil to try again tonight. On the plus side, it's up to Grilltech to make dinner.

I've completed the ribbing on the second Strawberry Lemonade sock. Now I'm on the trek to the heel. Things are looking good. I haven't started the second sleeve for Dad's sweater. Might work on it come Sunday. I have 10 more rows on the Bookwrym before I can start the heel shaping. I should have it completed today. Then I'll be done with the heel from hell.

Humor of the day: How much do you love him?

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Lovs2Knit said...

Nope, no thunderstorms but boy did we get the wind down here. The windows were rattling. It was blowing so bad the rain sounded like ice pellets when it hit the windows.