I'd Better Get to It

I've finished a couple of projected.

First up, the 1Bag. I've made two of them. One in less then 24 hours.

Followed the pattern on this one, ALMOST.

This is feather and fan pattern.

Joan is finished.

While taking pictures, I had a supervisor. Not my usual one.

Hand detail.

Fran and Havac having a meeting of the minds.

Perky and I found a good deal on a chair.

Now I'm thinking the couch needs to be replaced....

List Day!

  • There were three cars at the bar this morning.

  • Both Grilltech and I had a strong desire to sleep in

  • It's been established that Grilltech & Alpaca don't get along

  • Guess what I'm making his dice bag out of...

  • GRRR!! I'm off somewhere on this chart and will most likely need to rip back

  • Being able to count - two not three - is really going to be the biggest help

  • In my defense, solid black square with no contrasting line make counting blocks difficult

  • I woke up this morning and realized I haven't been able to remember my dreams for the past four days

  • I've got to remember to get thank you notes in the mail this weekend

  • Not sure what's going on, but I'm fighting to stay awake this morning

  • Tomorrow is my six month review

  • Not sure if I should be nervous or not

  • Writing documentation sucks, when they want theory not directions

  • Grilltech will be grilling burgers next Tuesday

  • At the bookstore yesterday, I pointed out to Grilltech the book Low & Slow Everything you know about BBQ is wrong

  • Somehow I don't think it applies to him

  • I've been eating more meals but less food

  • Right now, I'm starving and having nothing on hand to eat

  • I have most of the pattern done on Grilltech's bag, but I'm going to rip it back

  • I'm having Perky pick me up some new needles

  • I've checked, I don't have this length

  • But I do have four other sets of size six in various lengths

  • I'll have pictures tomorrow

  • Not all of them are knitting related


Ironic is working for a computer company and having a guard have to stand at the door to let me in because our computers are down.

On the long stretch of road where people like to speed an officer flipped a U-turn and followed us almost to the building this morning. It was the second time today we'd passed officers, the first time three of them were parked along the side of the road in front of houses. Since they were so close together, I assume they were visiting the same location. I could check the police logs if I so inclined.

The Peregrine chicks are almost grown up. Guess this means the mated pair we pass every day will be gone soon. Which makes me both happy and sad. Happy that another generation has grown up and will grace the sky with their beauty. Sad because now there will be an empty box for another year.

The gloves are almost completed. I do need to rip back on the middle finger on this one. Only need to increase it by 1/4th of an inch. Shouldn't take long at all.

Cursed Socks

Today I'm wearing my sacrifice cursed socks. I picked them out last night, woke up about 2300 and I. Could. Not. Get. Back. To. Sleep. I believe I drifted off about 0030 or so. When the alarm went off this at o'dark thirty, I hit snooze three, maybe four times. On Friday I had left my ID in the computer using the reader under the desk - because the one in the keyboard doesn't work for me. Grilltech came home Friday night asking where the card was; uhhh in my bag? Nope in your drawer because BBQ Partner put it there. I get into work pull the card out, try to log in. Nope it's locked. So for the first hour of my day, I couldn't log into one computer. The company will now spend a couple of hours driving me out to the base. Cheers for me! More knitting time.

I'm starting the fingers on the glove. Which means I'm almost done!! Yesterday I started the 1bag, it's a fairly easy knit. I used Samurai Knitter's provisional cast on. It's pretty clever, I'll be using it more as needed. I left the finger lengths at home, so I'll knit the pinkie two inches long then stop. I don't want to go longer than that.

The day of locked account is continuing. It appears the account locks on its own with little provocation. Which means most of my morning has been spent walking between my desk and Grilltech's. I've logged out of the other computer so Bob can install software OT isn't able to get installed.

It also appears the cursed socks blew up the database. Maybe it wasn't the socks, it was all the corrupted data. All I know is it's not working and until Bob gets it fixed, reports can't be run.

Sharks and serial killers, who knew? Speaking of serial killers, Amy you'll get a kick out of this. The weekend we picked up My Bloody Valentine. Yea, not so much, turns out I grabbed the 1981 version. We watched it anyway, because we're both lazy. I kept pointing out things that people don't do anymore like smoking in buildings. Pull-top tabs. No cell phones. MICROFICHE!

OMG!! Nothing like jumping back in the workout routine after (cough, cough) a couple of weeks off. My arms are ready to fall off. I'm off to cook dinner and collapse into bed.

Friday Catch Up

On today's drive in I saw the crescent moon hanging low in the eastern sky. We also passed a fox who was hurrying towards his own destination. Even being fifteen minutes late this morning, I managed to keep it only five miles per hour above the speed limit. The girl who sits next to me called in sick today, so in addition to my duties I'll be picking up some of hers.

The breakfast burrito turned out really good. Way better than the fast food we usually pick up on Friday's. The main reason why we eat out is because we're too lazy to cook. But then, isn't that the main reason why everyone eats out?

I haven't been working on Grilltech's vest, only small things. Socks and mittens so far. I've got a HUGE skein (skane) of cotton constantly reminding me I've promised MIL two shopping bags. While she's not asking about them and will be happy when she gets them its bothering me. I'm thinking I should cast on to get it off my mental list.

Father's day is this weekend, so far Dad has a skane of yarn. It will most likely be next month before he gets his present. A pair of socks - what else would I give? Oh yea, I could purchase something.

Oh great, something else to worry about. Maybe I should put an alert on my calendar for a billion years. Do you think M$ calendar's go that far?

Amy and I did an exchange. I picked up a copy of cheap copy of yummy, yummy hot guys (well Perky picked it up and I paid her back) for her and she sent me blue/purple yarns. A win-win anyway it's looked at.

A lovely skane of bluish sock yarn.

Some yummy, yummy angora.

Some killer alpaca! Look at the fangs!

I've completed the gusset on the second glove, so it's a bit further along then pictured.

Now this is interesting Glow in the dark yarn. I wonder how it looks knitted up. Amazing! In action

I've really have to remember, not to wear the pink shirt with the blue bra. Its thin enough the tattoo is visible, I don't know why I thought the bra wouldn't be that bad. But to me it is. Grilltech doesn't have a problem with it.

I don't mind helping out but when the other person spends an hour shooting the breeze, instead of working. I'm done. I work and talk at the same time. Work and knit between hour glasses, I can see how it appears I'm not working. But she wasn't working at all. Yes, I'm being unreasonable.

List Day - Double Shot!

  • Happy Friday Eve!!

  • The economy must be getting better, there were five cars at the bar this morning

  • Picked up an I-phone for Komadant; Perky is soooo jealous

  • She can't get hers until January

  • I have 838 songs - over 4 gigs of music on the phone

  • They have knitting applications as well, but the Apple servers are overwhelmed

  • Amy sent me some really, really nice yarns

  • We won't talk about how she tried to kill Grilltech; Grilltech + Alpaca = breathing problems

  • It just means he won't be petting the baby alpaca or trying to boost what I make with it

  • Yesterday was the annual doctor's appointment

  • Next week I start a new mood altering drug

  • Hopefully the PMS will be a lot less in the future

  • The new neighbor keeps looking at me funny because I'm laughing at my internet friends

  • Ick, it's only 0600

  • Half an inch to go before starting the hand on the glove

  • I guess stating the half an inch before the cuff is completed would have worked better

  • Do you think they'd notice if I napped for an hour?

  • Strange mix of music its going from AC/DC to Enya to Alan Parsons to Michael Flatley to Disturbed

  • On the plus side, I only have to turn my head to the right and I can look out the window

  • Errr Dorkfish (me), it's red because 5 is greater than 2 (5>2)

  • They're telling me a couple of the computers went down yesterday because we're power hogs

  • Freaky Dr Who dreams last night

  • Maybe I should move the phone, it's not a mouse

  • Me + long wait times = lots of knitting

  • Grilltech is the bestest husband EVAH

  • Downside to the new spot? Right where high muckity-mucks like to hang out

  • The upside to karma? I can be PMS bitchy to people and assume they deserve it

  • It’s not good to eat chocolate zingers when one is trying to lose weight

  • Okay, I'm not really bitchy to people - well, in my mind I am

  • Maybe I am bitchy and don't really realize it

  • The Gnome startled me

  • Hey, it's 0910!

  • Stupid, stupid merger. I'm having to change computer domains

  • Ahh the crazy is starting again

  • Seventy more minutes and my work day is over

  • I need to go wash my cup

  • The mouse on the right side is very squirrely

  • Only ten rolls of TP in the stall

  • Why does it bother me? Because it's wasteful! They're not the 1/4th rolls but almost full rolls

  • Came home did dishes and vacuumed

  • Told OT I'd make him cookies next Saturday

  • Not sure where Havac made off to; on the plus side thank God for baby gates

  • Sabrina's not happy about either

  • All the puppy toys were picked up about five seconds ago for the cleaning; now he's in the process of scattering them again

  • Grilltech is out mowing, but he'd rather be in playing on the computer

  • Started the gusset on the glove, I'm that much closer to be done!

  • Can't promise good posts from now on, but I'm working on it.

  • Have a good Friday!!

Finally, a Post

  • I had five days off in a row, coming back to work was rough

  • Gambling is giving money to the mafia according to my dad

  • However, we came back with eight more dollars than we left with

  • I was told on Monday our department was moving locations

  • I informed the Gnome there is no way I'm crawling under my desk while wearing a skirt

  • He did it for me

  • We stayed Saturday night at my parent's in Cascade

  • It was comfortably warm; but I did have to use the electric blanket

  • Uggy plotted to kill Grilltech, but he thwarted her

  • I gave myself a flat screen TV for my birthday

  • Had to do something with that left over gambling $$

  • Both Grilltech and I picked up new phone

  • We're now really leet now

  • I've got a ton of yarn floating around my desk

  • Grilltech is cleaning, which makes me feel guilty for not helping

  • My desk is a bit neater - does that count?

  • I've decided I'm going to blog instead of clean

  • I wonder if playing with my new phone would count as cleaning

  • Second glove is almost seven inches long

  • Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of writing posts instead of lists

Monday WIP/FO

The navy blue socks are done and shipped out. The person really liked them.

Grilltech was a sweetheart and got me a awesome birthday present.

One side has my purse stuff and the other side carries my sock.

What else have I been making? Row counters! Rose quartz, jade and hematite.

Every once in a while Grilltech makes a sacrifice to the grilling gods. He doesn't do it on purpose, it happens. Ribs might be a tad dry, hot dogs are burned - I happen to like mine blackened but it's easy to overdo them - or it isn't cooked right. Mind you right is relative. This month I've made a sacrifice to the knitting gods the lupine socks. They're done. They're not perfect by a long shot. One sock is half to three quarters of an inch longer than the other. The yarn ran out for the second toe. But they're done. They'll be worn and cherished the same as any other sock in my drawer.

But gods above, I don't want to knit on them again. On the plus side, this means I should be able to block out Nicole with very little problems and a ruler. Life is good.

I've started knitting a pair of mittens. Yea, I know it's June and starting to get hot, but I want to get them done. So the person I'm making them for will quit asking about them.

Grilltech's maze socks are also being worked on. One repeat finished, one and a half more to go. We'll talk more about those later.

A view from our driveway.

List Day!

  • Next week is a short week and I'm so looking forward to it

  • A count of four cars at the bar this morning

  • We saw lightening in the distance, while it was thinking about raining

  • I've finished my second breakfast burrito, now I'm stuffed

  • Dude, seriously. Please review your notes before you come over to run the reports

  • Remember last week's chickens running around? It's still going on

  • Mantra? It's Friday Eve!

  • Dropped two things in the mail yesterday

  • One was the navy blue socks - I'm so pleased they're done

  • I was caught getting ready to send an IM to Grilltech from OT's machine

  • I think one of his cow-orkers gave me away, he wasn't paying attention

  • Spent several hours training a person to do my job while I'm off for three days next week

  • I've gained five pounds, it's time to get serious again

  • Seriously? An effective date of 01 March 2009 when you put it in on 04 June 2009 is going to be 04 June 2009

  • Perky made chocolate cake last night

  • We's hates her

  • The other thing in the mail? I'm not talking about it

  • Tomorrow Amy will have five more days of work... then she's off for the summer

  • I'm willing to bet she'll be writing and playing with her kids like a real trooper

  • I get to go home and make a cheesecake for a pot luck tomorrow

  • Is it really any wonder why I've gaining weight?

  • To be fair, I haven't had any cake yet

  • Friday is swim day, so today will be cardio and routine

  • Grilltech has to work an hour of OT - not to be confused with O'Terrorist - today, I'm debating if I want to stay and work also

  • I did go home early on Monday

  • It's now clear out side, I was looking forward to more rain

  • We've got some of the popcan games on the system at home, have I been doing much knitting?

  • Didn't go to the gym, instead I walked around the grounds for 45 minutes

  • Made the cheesecake; forgot to put the chocolate chips in until after it had been in the oven for two minutes

  • I've also had three pieces of cake

  • Yea, another five pounds

  • I've got over 400 spam e-mails

  • Almost time to fold clothes

A Yarn by Uggy the Raptor

Dear Diary,

It's day 8912 of captivity. I was lounging in my semi-private chamber, when one of the human slaves came in. For a midday snack, I've requesting smoked salmon in a crystal bowl.

Instead of salmon, the slave brought some sort of a green snake. I don't play with green snakes, that's a Fran thing. In protest, I've decided to sleep more, because I've only had eight of my required sixteen hours. While trying to go back to sleep, the slave picked me up and dumped(!) me into the darkened corridor. In order to save feline honor, I'll sit at the door and demand politely to come back in - LOUDLY and repeatedly.

The evil human slave has refused to listen to reason, so time for plan B. I'll have the dark one break down the door. Yea, Uggy about breaking down the door, that's a lot of work and I'd rather lay here.

Plan C: I'm going to sit in the chair and be crabby. I'll also plot my next move.

Plan D: Stupid human slaves, still won't let me in or listen to reason. Tonight while they're sleeping, I'm going to cough up a hair ball.

My semi-private chamber is open again. Maybe the human slave has made the modifications I've requested over the years. No, I don't see any changes. I'll be putting this in my log book, so when we finally take over the world; I'll know...

Must plot revenge on the human slaves. Must make a list of mistreatments and ...

I'll get right to it, after my nap.

Uggy the Raptor

While Uggy was screaming at the door, and I do mean screaming. I blocked the pink blob.

It doesn't look like a blob any more.


Its in time out because one side blocked out an inch and a half longer then the other. I'm so disgusted, right now it's sitting in time out. It will most likely block out to the same length. I'll recount before I block to make sure. Otherwise I'll be ripping back and reknitting again.