Ironic is working for a computer company and having a guard have to stand at the door to let me in because our computers are down.

On the long stretch of road where people like to speed an officer flipped a U-turn and followed us almost to the building this morning. It was the second time today we'd passed officers, the first time three of them were parked along the side of the road in front of houses. Since they were so close together, I assume they were visiting the same location. I could check the police logs if I so inclined.

The Peregrine chicks are almost grown up. Guess this means the mated pair we pass every day will be gone soon. Which makes me both happy and sad. Happy that another generation has grown up and will grace the sky with their beauty. Sad because now there will be an empty box for another year.

The gloves are almost completed. I do need to rip back on the middle finger on this one. Only need to increase it by 1/4th of an inch. Shouldn't take long at all.

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Amy Lane said...

Dude-- there MUST be enough room for the traffic finger to function!

Peregrine chicks... sounds like a blues band...